Chapter 13/ Photo shoots and shopping

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Liam's pov

Last night Paul had called me and told me we had a couple of photo shoots to do today for the website and tour merch which I wasn't that bothered about it because we have 3 weeks off so I can't really moan about it anyway 'I have to go and get the lads up so I'll do harry first only because I know what Niall is like with his food' I thought as I reached over to Harry and shook him a bit

"Haz are you awake" I asked

"Yea I couldn't sleep that well" Harry responded sitting up

"How come" I asked him

"Was to worried about Niall, he doesn't seem himself" Harry told me which was right Niall has been looking a bit pale and he was very tired which was worrying

"Don't worry Haz it might just be all those late nights in hospital catching up with him but if he isn't better soon we'll take him doctors"I told Harry which I think relaxed him a lot

"Right you go and get down and cook our Irish bear and us breakfast while I wake the others up" I ordered Harry as he climbed out off bed nodding before leaving the room

"Louis time to wake up" I told him while shaking him for a minute before he sat up

"How come we're waking up early"Louis asked while he slapped Zayn's face which made him sit straight up

"Morning Zee, were all waking up early because we have a photo shoot so get ready while I wake Niall and get him up and dressed" I told them as they nodded and climbed out of bed

"Niall babe time to wake up" I told him while shaking him which actually worked unlike normal because Niall opened his eyes

"Hey baby did you sleep well" I asked

"Ní dona" Niall spoke before laughing in my face

"What" I asked

"It means not bad in Irish" Niall told me

"OK anyway shall we get you ready" I told him as I picked him up and carried him to the dressing room and getting him dressed before carrying him downstairs and placing him in his chair and wheeling him into the kitchen

After breakfast and car journey#

"Alright boys your lucky because we're not going to be changing clothing so it will only take half hour then you can go" One of the photographers told us as we nodded

Half Hour later#

"What should we do now" I asked everyone

"Shopping" Louis screamed

"And Nandos" Niall added on

"Alright let's go" I spoke as Louis came up to me

"Can I push Niall into town please" Louis asked me

"Be careful then" I warned him letting go off Niall, Louis nodded before grabbing hold of the wheelchair and running up to Harry with him

"Hey Li" Zayn spoke walking up to me

"Hey Zee" I responded

"So what do you think about all this" He asked me

"I don't know really, i'm glad Niall's alive still" I responded

"Anyway were here" Zayn spoke and he was right we were here

"Let's go and have fun" Harry shouted before we all had a great time


Not long now guys until this book is finished 😭😭 but anyway I hope ur all ok love u all xx

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