Chapter 10/ The resaults

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Half hour later Niall was back in the room, awake but drowsy, it only took him 20 minutes for the scan and Marvin was now getting the results

"Right I have the results and...."

Zayn's pov

"Right I have the results and you have just swallowed blood" Marvin told Niall but for some reason I think there is something else unless I'm worrying to much

I don't know really

"So I'm allowed to go home" Niall asked

"Of course you can, I'll go and arrange everything but you still have to come back for check ups and also physiotherapy" Marvin spoke before walking out

"So Niall, How you feeling about going home" Louis asked Niall as Harry and Liam went out probably to get one of Niall's surprises which is a wheelchair with a cushion seat and it was all Irish themed

"I can't wait to be back at home" Niall excitedly said

"Niall you do know we have to move in with you" I told him

"I know" Niall happily said

Wow nothing can bring him down for long I thought

"Where have Liam and Harry gone" Niall questioned

"Harry and Liam have gone to phone your mom and tell her your fine" Louis told him

"Ok, so what time is the interview" Niall asked

"Umm well it's 9:50 now so at 8pm unless it changes" I answered watching Niall carefully

"Ok" Niall spoke

"Right Niall we have to get you changed now" Louis spoke

"Do you want a bath" I spoke looking at Niall as his cheeks went a bit red which was adorable- wait do I have feelings for Niall like I do with the others and yes I Zayn Malik do have feelings for the others but who can blame me really

I wonder how I could tell them

I was brought out of my thoughts by Niall answering my question

"Yes please but can I leave my boxers on" Niall asked which made me feel guilty because while Niall was asleep Louis went to speak to Marvin a bit more and Louis asked if it would be okay if we put Niall in Nappies so he doesn't fall off the toilet

"Sorry Niall but Marvin agreed to us putting you in Nappies so you don't fall" I told him giving him a sad smile

"Oh ok" Niall said as he looked at his cover so I walked over to him and put my finger under is chin making him look up

"We're only doing this because we love you Niall and want what's best for you" I admitted to him before kissing him and then Louis walked over and kissed both of us before helping me take Niall to the bathroom and wash him

"Louis can you get Niall's clothes and a nappy please" I politely asked as Louis nodded and went and grabbed everything I asked before coming back in and helping me again.

Once Niall was all ready, all three of us sat on the couch part from Niall he was on my lap

"How do you think the fans are going to take it" Niall asked out of no where

"I don't know Ni, we have to wait and see" Louis said as my phone rang, I lifted it up to see it was Paul calling so I put it on speaker

Z: Hey Paul your on speaker

P: Hey guys I'm just calling to tell you the interview is in an hour and I'm in the hospital waiting for you guys

Z: we're waiting Harry and Liam and to be discharged

P: I've just signed the forms so your allowed to go, I'll come and get your bags bye

After that Paul hung up so Louis stood up and grabbed our coats and put his on before putting Niall's on the picking him up off my lap so I could put mine on, just as I put my coat on Harry came in with Liam behind him but stopped at the door with Paul

"You ready guys" Harry asked

"As ready as we will ever be" Louis shouted and we all part from Louis and of course Niall picked up three bags and walked out the door.

"Close your eyes Ni" Louis spoke as he walked out the door and placed Niall in his new chair and strapped him in

"Open your eyes Niall" Louis told Niall which he did

"Omg thank you so much guys I love it" Niall cried

"Right lets go to that interview then" we all shouted as we walked out the hospital and climbed/wheeled into the van

Interview here we come


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