Chapter 14/First physio

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Zayn's pov

It has been a week since Niall was sent home and It has been amazing, we've had his family over for a BBQ, went shopping, had races and a whole lot more but Niall has always needed to have a nap in the afternoon which was worrying so while Niall is going to do his first physio i'm going to speak to Marvin about it anyway time to wake him up

"Time to get up lads" I told them as they all but Niall climbed out of bed and started getting dress while I grabbed Niall and carried him to the spare bedroom and changed him before carrying him down stairs to where Harry was cooking pancakes

"Is féidir liom go bhfuil roinnt pancóga" Niall asked before laughing

"Ni say that in English ya leprechaun" Harry laughed

"It means can I have some pancakes" Niall told us as Harry started placing pancakes on plates

"It's coming Ni don't worry" Harry told Niall who just laughed


As soon as we arrived to the hospital I wheeled Niall into the outpatients and sat down by him while the others checked him and then sat next to me,

"You excited Ni" Liam asked him

"Yea" Niall responded

"Niall Horan" A physiotherapist shouted as Liam stood up and wheeled Niall into the room

As we just sat there for a minute until I stood up and went to the desk

"Excuse me please may I speak to Marvin" I asked

"Of course I'll call him for you" the receptionist said as she pressed a call button on her phone

Not even 5 minutes, Marvin came over to me and Louis and Harry

"Hello lads and how may I help you" Marvin asked

"Well you see Niall hasn't been himself lately, he's been very pale,tired and sleeping in the afternoon" I explained

"We'll he will have be tired a lot at the moment because his body is trying to get over what has happened but if he gets any worse after at least two months bring him in" Marvin told us as we nodded before he left

"How do you think Niall is doing" Louis asked

"Probably trying to overdo it" I responded knowing what Niall is like

"True maybe next time we should all go in" Harry spoke

"Yeah it isn't far we're not there to support him but daddy d told us to stay out for this one" Louis sassily responded as we just laughed before sitting in silence until Niall and Liam came out

"How did it go" I asked

"It was good, I have to have physio every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in the morning" Niall told us as he looked positive

"What did you do then" I asked as I pushed him outside to the car

"We were just trying to get the feeling back in my leg more" Niall happily spoke before yawning as I got him settled into the car

"Go to sleep Ni" Liam told him as we all climbed into the car, me in the back with Niall who fell asleep straight away

"So we have to pack as soon as we get home then" I asked Liam who nodded as we went through our schedule for tomorrow/early hours in. The morning tonight

'I wonder how Niall's going to cope'


Ohhh I wonder what Niall would feel or how will Niall get on the plane

Anyway hi how are you brilliant people doing and I have a surprise all this week I will be updating so I can finish it quicker 😭😭 anyway love u all

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