chapter five

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"What do you mean Ni" Liam asked but before he could answer Marvin spoke

"Sorry boys but I'm going to have to take Niall for some test but we will be back" Marvin said before grabbing some other doctors and taking Niall away from the lads.

"Do you think he'll be ok" Harry asked

"We don't know Haz" The lads replied as they hugged each other and kept talking about random stuff

30 minutes later and Marvin pushed a sleeping Niall back into the room but this time Niall had tear stained cheeks which broke all the lads' hearts

"Was he crying while you were doing the tests Marvin" Louis asked upset to see Niall cried himself to sleep

"Not much it was more after" Marvin said before leaving to get Niall's results

"I wonder why he left so quickly" Zayn suspiciously said but before anyone could answer Marvin came in with a frown on his face

"Right Niall was crying after the tests because I told him his results" Marvin said

"And what are they" Louis asked

"I'm sorry to say this but Niall is paralyzed from his hips down" Marvin said as all the lads gasped but then broke down crying because their best mate isn't going to be able to walk, run or even stand

"Isn't there anything you can do" Zayn sniffled

"We can put him into physiotherapy but that's it" Marvin said as all the lads nodded wiping their tears away so Niall didn't see them when he woke up from his nap.

"But on good news Niall can go home next week but he will be in a wheelchair from now on" Marvin said before leaving the lads.
Hi guys soz didn't update yesterday but anyway Ik this is short but I'm trying to work on it being longer ily all

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