Chapter 17/family and scared

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Once the concert was finished, I handed my mic to Zayn before picking Niall up and carrying him to our dressing room

"Lou can you grab me some comfy clothes for Niall" I asked as he nodded

"Hey Ni bear" I spoke

"Yea Li bear" he joked

"You alright babe I seen you crying on stage" I asked before he burst out crying

"Whoa Ni bear calm down Hun" I told him as I cuddled him until he was calm

"I'm scared Li"


Zayn's pov

Harry and I was stunned at Niall's sudden out burst and we wanted to go and hug him but Liam told us we couldn't

"I'm scared Li" Niall chocked out as he carried on crying making my heart ache

"Calm down Ni" Liam told him but he wouldn't so Liam carried Niall over to me and let me hold him as Niall listened to my heartbeat

"What you scared of Ni" Liam gently asked as he ran his hands through Niall's hair while Harry was rubbing the blondes shoulders

"That I've let you all down" He cried as he yawned

"What do you mean Ni" Liam asked but had no reply from Niall as he closed his eyes and fell asleep

"I think he thinks he's let us down because he might not walk again" I told Liam before Louis came in and handed Liam some joggers and a jumper for Niall, which Harry and Liam quickly dressed him in

"Shall we go back to the hotel and head to bed as our parents are coming tomorrow" Liam explained

"Yea" we all responded before standing up and heading to the car


Niall's pov

Today our parents was coming around but I felt scared to see them as apparently I look like a ghost but with bags under the eyes from what the lads said

Currently I was snuggled up to Louis on the couch watching TV while the others cleaned the hotel up a bit

"Hey Ni" Louis spoke

"Yea Lou" I responded

"Are you feeling ok" Louis asked

"Yea just something doesn't feel right" I responded

But before Louis could ask anything else Paul came into the room with our parents

"Niall baby how are you, you look pale, are you feeling alright" my mom rushed out as she came straight to me, feeling my head

"Mom calm down I'm fine" I told her before she nodded and then kissed my head and went and hugged the others as their parents came and done the same as my mom did before we all settled on the sofa with me on Zayns lap and yes our parents know about our relationship and they all think it's adorable

"So how was last nights concert" my dad asked

"It was amazing" we all said even though I was lying and my dad new that

"I'm just going to speak with Niall" my dad told my mom quietly before coming and grabbing me then going into the bedroom

Louis PoV

We were all chatting when all of a sudden, Bobby just stands up, picks up Niall and then walks into our bedroom

"Hey Maura is everything alright with Niall and Bobby" I asked

"Yea of course love, Bobby just wanted to speak to Niall that's all" she explained before we all went back to our conversation for at least half hour until Bobby came out with Niall in his arms

"Is he alright" I mouthed to Bobby

"Not at all" he mouthed back

"Why" I asked

"One minute" he mouthed back before placing a tear stain Niall back on Zayn's lap

"Louis and I are going to get something to eat" Bobby claimed even though we were in a hotel that has room service

As soon as we both closed the door Bobby started talking

"He's scared he's not going to be able to walk and he'll be a burden to the band and a lot more, then he went on about having a bad feeling in his stomach and that Zayn said he gets it a lot to and it's like something's going to happen but they don't know what and he also said he's been feeling a bit sick" Bobby explained before breaking down which shocked me but I cuddled him

"Why did this have to happen to my son" he asked

"I don't know Bobby but Niall is a tuff cookie and he will walk again I know it" I told him as he calmed down and nodded before we went into Nandos and grabbed some food before heading back to the hotel where it looked like Niall had brightened up and was laughing his head off at something

"We have Nandos" Bobby said as Niall's face light up

The rest of the evening was spent just talking and watching movies and me telling the others about Niall.

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