Chapter one

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It was a casual day in the One Direction household, The boys were all in the living room, Harry and Louis were playing FIFA on the Xbox, Zayn and Liam was talking about the tour and Niall was speaking to his mom.

"Hey Ni, mate" Louis asked, Niall looked up from his phone

"Yeah Lou" Niall replied

"Shall we go Nando's" Harry asked as he grabbed his stuff

"Are you kidding me yes and you know what I'll drive us their" Niall excitedly replied as he grabbed his phone and car keys then climbed in the driver's seat with Liam by him and the other 3 in the back. Niall started the car and drove to Nando's. Once they arrived and found a space to park, they went in and ordered while they waited they spoke to each other.

"So how is your mom Ni" Liam politely asked

"She's ok" Niall replied

"You ok Ni, you seem down" Louis worriedly asked

"Yea Lou, I'm fine" Niall lied

Just as Niall spoke the waiter came and gave them all their dinner. Once they were done they got into the car while they were driving the traffic light turned red, so they stopped and talked until out of nowhere a car came and hit Niall's door and then it reversed but then another car came and pushed the car back into Niall's door after someone climbed out of the car and towed the other one and disappeared. Meanwhile Liam turned around to see the three in the back okay and then turned to Niall to see blood everywhere.

"Haz, call an ambulance now please" Liam order as he felt for a pulse.

Niall's point of view

After I climbed back in the car, I had an unsettled feeling in my stomach as if something was about to happen.

"So whose excited about the tour then" Zayn asked starting a conversation up

"I am" I replied because I was looking forward to it. Get back on the road, have a laugh with the lads and make our fans proud.

"What's your favourite part on tour" Louis asked

"I love our water fights on stage" Liam smiled

"I love the way we change the lyrics" Harry laughed

Before I could even say anything something came crashing into my side of the car and that was it all I saw was black...

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