Michelle Blaze(Alixnette): YOU GUILTY!

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Michelle Pov:

My name is Marinette Dupain Cheng just a normal girl with a normal life...actually thats wrong you see my name is Michelle Blaze daughter of Johnny Blaze better known as The Ghost Rider. Thats right my dad is the Spirit of Vengeance who signed a contract from the devil himself and has to do his deeds but my dad chose to earn the cures of the rider and he used it to destroy the devil for good. He and mom aka Roxanne got married and had little me and luckily I wasn't born with the curse of the rider because it will be a problem to imagined my whole skull set of fire and I had to ride around on a bike chasing after bad people who committed sins.

Anyway the reason why my named changed is because my dad still his job to do as the rider while mom was off working so they dropped me off at my aunt and uncle Tom and Sabine Dupain Cheng to help give me a normal life in which was great and all as well as me making lots of friends and being normal like all kids are and none of them knew that I was the daughter of Johnny Blaze. So I changed my name to hide my real self and the only ones who know the truth are my aunt, uncle, my best friend Chloe who was my former bully but we made forgave each other and became friends, Luka and Juleka who were like brother and sister to me, Kagami at first my rival until we became great friends and hung out together, Nino who have been my friends for years trusted my secret and we shared a sibling bond just like Luka and his sister. Lastly is my girlfriend yes thats right I am a lesbian in which I am dating my friend Alix who was always there for me and I was always there for her. I told my parents about my relationship and they approve of Alix of being with me as well as she makes me happy and she does.

Have to say life was good for me in Paris the city of love until it all went down hill after Lila Rossi aka the liar and scumbag came into my school and ruined everything. She told lies and fake stories about how cool she is and my class just ate it up and lost their brain cells and didn't bother to fact check their work like Alya who I thought was my friend until I found out that her and half of the class just used me for getting free stuff and became a bully after Lila told lies about me when I exposed her lies. Only my real friends didn't believe in the lies and that included my uncle Tom and aunt Sabine.

Adrien Agreste who is the son of the famous fashion designer Gabriel Agreste knew about the lies but decided to become a coward and not bother to help saying that Lila lies are not hurting anyone and thats when I made the decision that Adrien Agreste went from kind and caring boy to total asshole wimp for the past three years. During those three years I beaten, yelled at, used as a pushing bag for my bullies like Kim, Ivan, Ayla, as well as Lila while Agreste just stood standing and watched me get attacked and ended in the hospital three times. Even though my real friends and Alix were always there for me, I realized this wasn't going to stop and Lila needed to be stopped for good so that is why I called my dad for help and he excepted to help me after I told him and mom everything about what was happening in my life.

I did some research on Lila and found out the that she committed sins and killed people caused by her lies and allowed many to be bullied and force themselves to kill each other and I know what happens to people who committed bad sins. It was time for the rider to take down this horrible bitch and make her pay. So right now myself and my friends as well as Alix are being held under a bridge by Lila along with Alya, Ivan, Kim and Agreste who don't know what is coming for them not even Lila.


Alya: Time to take your lesson Mari-Trash!

Michelle: Oh what did I do now to poor little Lie-La?

Alya: You know exactly what you did!!!

Michelle: Really because I have no clue what you talking about because the only thing I am hearing right now is a tabloid reporter screaming like a banshee.

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