Mariah Fett(Lukanette)

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Mariah Pov:

It has been six years since I left earth to be with my father, my biological father named Boba Fett in which my father was one of the highly skilled and magnificent bounty hunter in the galaxy and nothing couldn't stop him from completing his tasks. Before I was born into the world, my father during his years was venturing beyond the galaxy in search of new places in which he came upon a planet with one moon and life there was beautiful but technology wasn't that highly advanced since my father told me that there are worlds beyond the stars with highly advance technology that is far greater than whats on earth. But anyway when my father first came to earth, he discovered that the planet was only inhabited by humans and not other species and to learn from the world, he under cover as a civilian and read about earth's history as well as its people. Then during his time on earth and learning so much about the planet itself as well as the wars that happened many years ago, my father met someone truly special who treated him with such kindness and love in which that person was my mother Sabine Cheng who was from China and was an excellent fighter in her time and when my father and her met they knew that it was love at first sight and admittedly they got to know each other and spent lots of times together as well as share stories about their lives.

Mom knew everything about what my father does as well as the he was the son of Jango Fett who fought in the Mandolorian civil wars in which my father told her all about the warriors in the armor as well as the battle they fought. Father told mother all about the Mandolorians and how they were from different clans and once were a great and noble race until war came to the galaxy in which the Republic that my father told us about turned and became twisted into the Galactic Empire in which many worlds suffered from the hands of the Emperor of the galaxy and the world known as Mandolar was lost and destroyed by the empire along with many of brave noble warriors but luckily some of them survived the purge and went into hiding, then couple years later the empire fell and their emperor was dead thanks to a band of rebels who restored the galaxy and brought balance to the universe and formed the New Republic. The reason I know so much about this is because my father gave us a link communicator so that he can check to see how we are because years after I was born and was named Mariah Fett, my father thought it was best that I lived a normal life away from the dangers outside of our solar system in which my father left earth but always had his communicator so that we can speak with him and know that we miss him and hope he is doing alright.

Thirteen years later on earth after my father left, mom decided that me and her should move to a place where I can live a normal life like any child would thats what I did and on the way mom met a man named Tom Dupain who was a retired Mandorlian that has been on earth for many years and decided to live a peaceful life and of course my father knew about him in which they met a long time ago during battles raids and became such good friends and father said it was a good idea that Tom looks after me and mom while we live our normal lives together as a family.

We moved in place called Paris France in which both mom and Tom opened up a small bakery store in which their bake goods were absolutely delicious. As for me I lived a normal life as a normal girl who went to schools and made lots of friends and had a school crush on a certain blonde boy who was the son of a famous fashion designer in which life was great and I had a wonderful time in Paris. Then later a villain named Hawk Moth came to Paris who used a magical item called a miraculous that gives a person powers in which the villain used his powers for evil and terrorized all of Paris and thats where I came in. I received a miraculous from a kind gentle old man named Wang Fu who was the guardian of the miraculous and he gave me the miraculous of creation where I met a cute little creature named Tiki who told me that I was chosen to become the next holder of the miraculous and thats where my super hero life began in which I fought many villains who were innocent people who were turned evil thanks to Hawk Moth and his magical dark butterflies called Akuma's and based off the peoples negative emotion, Hawk Moth uses that to turn people into his minions to do one thing that is to get both my miraculous and my partner that I made called Cat Noir miraculous in which Hawk Moth wanted to use them to gain ultimate power that could form a wish or use to destroy the world.

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