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Moriko Pov:

Alright everyone let do this one last time shale we. My name is Moriko or Mori for short and I am the daughter of the greatest fighter as well as food adventurer of all time Toriko as well as the daughter of the woman he married Rin who is the IGO's Gourmet Research Chief. My parents have been through a lot during their great adventures with their friends and discovering new and rare foods to eat and well lets just say my dad is quite the eater he basically tried a lot of amazing and exotic foods around the world and still does it with uncle Komastsu who is a chef and helps create food that my father likes to try and he is one amazing cook, I should because I tried his cooking when I was younger and it was delicious.

From the day I was born I had my mothers eyes and my dads hair and I was quite filled with joy and excitement and even my uncle Sunny thought I was adorable and enjoy staring at his lovely rainbow hair while also keeping me safe because he loves me so much just like everyone else does even Coco who I sometimes call him Hot Coco because his name has Coco in it. When word got out thanks to dads friend Tina who is an excellent reporter who went through dangers challenges to get where she is and studies the best food chefs in the world to see what it takes to create the best dish in history. From the minute I was born everyone that my family knew and cared for treated me like family and enjoyed having me around when I was such an adorable little cupcake even dad who takes me around places to try some delicious foods and I enjoyed ever minute of it.

When I was hitting teenage and young adult years I decided I wanted to do something that makes me happy and that is to open up my very on bakery where I can bake the most delicious treats so that everyone can taste my creations and thanks to going to school in Paris and getting the grades I was able to graduate with high standers. Also I met this very nice boy named Adrien who was a huge fan of my fathers and we got to know each other quite well because he enjoys sweets since he was little and I offered him some pastries that I made myself and he enjoyed everyone of them. Soon me and Adrien graduated school together and decided to move back to my home Gourmet Town where my parents lived and open up a bakery called La Toriko named after my big strong and funny as well as amazing father who I love so much. Of course my family doesn't know that I moved back home after I told that I finished school over video call but I did tell them about Adrien in which they approve of him as long as he makes me happy than their happy. Though uncle Sunny and dad try to threaten Adrien because they thought he was a bad person that would harm me but after Adrien told them that he grew up with a father who doesn't appreciate him and was arrested for child neglect and sent off to prison and lived with his aunt and cousin, both dad and Sunny felt bad for Adrien as well as mom and the others and they know that Adrien wants to live a normal life and be with me and for that they approve of him for being a carrying person as well as someone who makes me smile a lot.

Soon three months have past and both myself and Adrien have finished putting together the bakery and made a lot of interesting creations and we did do some traveling around the world to find the most beautiful as well as magnificent foods to make the perfect treats to sale to people and lets just say they enjoyed every minute of them.



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