Miranda Kasady: Lady Carnage!(Lukanette)

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Many of the students in College Francois know Marinette Dupain Cheng is the daughter of Sabine Cheng and Tom Dupain who owned the best bakery in Paris in which the girl has lots of friends and goo people around her but what they don't know is that none of the things are true in which Marinette whose real name is Miranda is the daughter of Sabine Cheng who is an lethal assassin who killed more than hundreds of people who dare to challenge her and Tom who is a gunman and highly dangerous hacker is the uncle of Miranda in which her real father who is in hiding but also makes sure to keep in touch with his daughter after he escaped prison with the help of an alien creature that bonded to him and together they formed a bond they both created such wonders as well as Carnage in which they dubbed the name Carnage because of the creatures thirst for destruction and chaos. Miranda's father was known other than Cletus Kasady in which he was serial killer and the most dangerous man in the world in which he got lucked up for his crimes but after meeting an alien called a symbiote it bonded to him and became the monster known as Carnage in which his wife Sabine as well his beloved in red monster Miranda known about the creature in which Carnage formed a great bond with the daughter and four to keep her safe and kill those who would harm her.

For Miranda who is using her cover name Marinette Dupain Cheng who is a bubbling girl who likes to become a fashion designer and make great friends and find love in which all of that is an act in which she hates the idea of being so gullible and friendly but when she met some people like Luka, Alix, Juleka, Chloe, Kagami, and Nino it turned out they too had something in common with her and that is they too come from a family with dark secrets in which Miranda bonded with them and they all became such good friends except for those in the school who are complete idiots who believe in a person who spilled out lies to get attention and one who was doing absolutely nothing to stop it in which that person became a coward and an asshole. While pretending to be a make believe person, Miranda came across a girl named Lila Rossi who is a pathological liar in which she tells everyone in school except for Miranda's true friends who have brains lies about some amazing things she did in which they were never true since Miranda never believed them not even her friends in which Lila knew about and threaten Miranda in the bathroom that she will take all of friends away from her in which Miranda didn't really care because half of the students in the school are complete idiots in which they were no friends of Miranda.

During the past three years Miranda was declared a bully due to the lies that Lila spread to the idiots in school in which the one who is the coward known as Adrien Agreste has asked Miranda to take the high road saying that Lila's lies are not hurting anyone in which Miranda just went to say to the blonde go fuck yourself and take your stupid highroad and shove it down your ass in which Miranda avoided Adrien and if Adrien try to approach her well there is going to be Carnage in which one time Adrien was told by the idiots that Miranda who was pretending to be a fake person was told that she had a crush on him in which he tried to ask her out on a date if she apologized to Lila but Miranda turned him down the hard way in which she kicked his ass and broke his arm as well kicked him where it hurts saying that he is not her type anymore since he is too stupid just like the idiot classmates as well as Lila. Besides ever since she met her true friends she found a liking to Luka in which he had a surprise of his own and it turned out he had a symbiote just like Miranda's father in which he goes by the name Toxin in which both Miranda and Luka fell in love and shared a lot of secrets together and had tons in common and when Cletus found out that his daughter is dating a boy who has a symbiotic like him, he gave his approval to his daughter dating the Luka in which Carnage told Cletus that Toxin and very good ally to Carnage on his home world and will give Miranda the protection.

Luka and Miranda have been together for three years and they love each other dearly including Toxin who enjoyed his masters mate as well as her bake goods such as chocolate in which half of symbiotes enjoy the taste of chocolate but also human flesh in which Toxin wanted to devour the idiot students along with the sausage hair liar but Miranda told him that they her targets in which Toxin respected his masters mate but told Toxin if they do anything out of the ordinary then he cane do whatever he wants to them and that got Toxin pleased as well as Luka. Miranda's true friends also known about the symbiote in which they promised to keep it a secret along with Miranda's father owning one as well.

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