Maria Solo!

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Luke Skywalker lived so did Leia, Ben never turned to the dark side but The First Order still reined and try to take over the galaxy. After Snoke destroyed the Jedi temple that Luka built for a new generation of Jedi, the master of the force went into hiding along with his students who survived the attack while Ben returned with his mother and father to join the residence to take down the first order. Ben made friends with Poe and the two got along quite well. Both were sent to Jakku for a mission about information of what the first order was planning for the galaxy. While there the first order invaded a small village that Ben and Poe were sent to and Poe was captured by the first order while Ben along with BB8 who is Poe's droid with information about the first order's planes fled into the desert and went into hiding to avoid the first order. During this journey Ben met a girl named Rey and felt a force connection towards her while she didn't know anything about it nor about the force itself. When he asked if there was a way off the planet, Rey took Ben and BB8 to place where they can get a ship off the planet until stormtroopers spotted the two and chased after them but luck was on their side when Ben looked to find his father's stolen ship the Falcon and with it both Ben and Rey got on and took down the tie fighters chasing them thanks to Rey's incredible flying and Ben shooting. 

Ben told Rey everything about what was going on as well as him being a Jedi which Rey couldn't believe that the Jedi were real as well as Luke Skywalker who was Ben's uncle who went into hiding after Snoke attacked the temple while the students went into hiding as well to avoid being hunted down by the first order. But they weren't the only ones who got off the planet a former stormtrooper named FN2187 aka Fin escaped with Poe who explained that Poe was lost but Ben knew that he will see his friend since Poe got into a lot of dangerous situation and always comes back. Fin gave Ben and Rey information about the first order plans as well as the weapon that is built into a planet far away from the New Republic. Soon after Ben reunited with his father Han Solo and Chewbacca who were having some trouble with gangs and owning them money but luckily they defeated them and got away before the gang group could contact the first order about the droid. Ben sent out a signal to the New Republic about the weapon and when the Republic was confirmed about the weapon that the first order has built and was going to use it, the Republic took action seeing that first order was a threat just like the Galactic Empire. 

When the Falcon landed on a green planet to get some repairs, Ben along with Rey and Fin tagged along with Han to go meet up with Maz Kanata and asked for help to deliver the BB8 droid to Ben's mother Leia. Rey who was minding her own business felt something calling to her and went down stairs to see what it was in which she came upon a chest and opened to find a lightsaber that belonged to Anakin Skywalker father of Luke Skywalker and when she touched it she saw visions of her past and visions of the future and when she backed away and saw Ben who felt the force within Rey and asked to be taken to Luke for training until she ran away after finding out what she saw but later came back to see the place that her and Ben along with their friends came too was on fire due to the first order that arrived. Soon or later the residence came and took care of the situation thanks to Poe Dameron who was a live and well. Leia came and greeted her son and was happy to see him again as well as Han and Chewbacca. Ben told his mother about Rey that she is force sensitive and must be taken to Luke to help master her abilities but will have to do it after they take care of the weapon called StarKiller Base. Fin explained the information about the base and how to take out the weapon and once that was solved Han decided to have him, Chewbacca, Fin, Ben, and Rey come along to shut down the shields to the base so that the residence and the Republic fleet can invade the planet. 

When the falcon landed on StarKiller base everyone went to shut down the shields by capturing Captain Phasma and forced her to shut down the shields while Ben uses the force to have the stormtroopers drop their weapons. The shields were down and it was time for the residence and the Republic to move in while the first order went in high alert and went to attack the republic and the resistance. Han and the others arrived at the reactor that would destroy the weapon and possibly the planet as well since the weapon gets its power from the sun. The first order was about to use the weapon to fire upon the New Republic under the orders of Snoke but failed when the reactor was destroyed and Rey was able to use the force to help her friends during a fight with stormtroopers and Ben was impressed though Rey could use some more practice. 

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