(Peternette) Marinette Maria Stark! Part 3

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After Marinette at the Avengers facility and met up with her father along with Pepper and Morgan including seeing her boyfriend and his team mates, her along with Peter and the Web Warriors were getting dressed and are planing on meeting MJ and Ned at the amusement park since Marinette now back in New York wants to have some quality time with the boy she loves and her friends that she missed even with the Web Warriors who she found them to be quite amazing to be around and they offered her to be their new sister since they were only child in which Marinette had to no problem becoming a sister figure to the boys in which made they promise to look after their new found sister with their lives. Meanwhile with Tony and Pepper they got the calls from the thirteen countries all looking for Lila Rossi in which they responded to Tony's call about where they can find her in which they were pleased that after searching for so many years they have finally found their target and can not wait for her to be locked up forever in which Tony asked them to be park of it and he wants to make sure to give those kids who bullied and threaten his favorite designer a lesson that soon wont regret.

Tony: Thank you commissioner I will be leaving soon to join you and your men.(Tony saids to one of the countries commissioners to go and put an end to Rossi for good)

Commissioner Roman: Very good we will await your arrival Mr.Stark good day..(The commissioner saids as the call ended)

Pepper: So your really going all the way to Paris to teach that little monster a lesson aren't you.

Tony: Yup...and no one and I mean no one threatens by little designer and it would be good to see both Sabine and Tom and it has been a while right.

Pepper: Make sure to pick up some bake goods on the way back, you know Morgan loves goodies from Sabine and Tom.

Tony: Anything my little three thousand, also are the lawsuits finished.

Pepper: Yup and all staked up and ready to be handed out to those harmed Marinette and her friends.

Tony: Oh I love you so much...also I will be handing that Agreste Jr more than a lawsuit, because I also hacked into the schools cameras and found out that he tried to sexually harassed Marinette in which he is not only getting lawsuits but he also going to prison along with that father of his.

Pepper: Good now there will be three psychos in prison if one of them is sentence to death in which any case Rossi.

Tony: That girl deserves punishment...well I might as well get going can you inform the kids of my absence.

Pepper: Sure and be back soon because were plaining on throwing a party for Marinette's arrival back home and everyone is invited to attend.

Tony: I wouldn't miss that for the world, see you soon.(Tony saids and kissed Pepper on the cheek then heads out until he saw Marinette with Peter and the Web Warriors)

(Tony saids and kissed Pepper on the cheek then heads out until he saw Marinette with Peter and the Web Warriors)

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(Minus Iron Man)

Ladybug: Hi dad going somewhere?

Tony: Yea I got a call form a commissioner that there is trouble in another place and he needs me there pronto and what about you? Where are you all of you going?

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