(Peternette): Marinette Maria Stark! Part 1

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Everyone would know that Marinette Dupain Cheng is the daughter of the best bakers of all Paris and lives a normal life like everyone else including having such wonderful friends. But they are wrong, Marinette is the daughter of the famous hero of New York city and he is a billionaire as well as a genius just like his daughter in which the man known as Tony Stark aka Iron Man had a thing for the woman known as Sabine Cheng a long time ago in which after they dated for couple years and then split due to some personal matters; Sabine discovered that she was pregnant in which she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and when Tony found out that the girl was his, he was happy about it at first but due to being a hero and working man he didn't want to bring his first born child into his life and so Sabine met a man named Tom Dupain in which they both got married and helped raised the child together so that Tony can keep his daughter away from popularity but that all changed right away when his daughter was growing up and was getting smarter in which she got that from him of course then soon when Sabine told Marinette that her real father was Tony Stark aka Iron Man she was filled with such amazement in which Tom and Sabine told her why Tony wanted Marinette to stay with Sabine in which Marinette understood and respected her biological fathers wishes. Tony loved his first born child very much in which he always calls her to see how she is doing as well as Tom and Sabine in which they both explained that Marinette is doing fine for now and got into a school in which she made lots of friends and likes to help and soon became a magnificent fashion designer as well as a genius just like her father in which Tony was very proud of Marinette for what she turned out to be. 

Then soon when the news got out about super heroes in Paris, Tony along with the Avengers did some research on them and saw something that blown Tony's mind in which he saw the leader of the team who goes by Ladybug in which he looked at the heroine up close and saw that it was his daughter Marinette of which Tony called Marinette up and asked what she was doing as well as dressed up as a superhero wearing a spotted costume. Marinette became a super hero after she saved the life of an old man named Master Fu in which he gave the girl a magical jewel called the miraculous of which is a magic item that can give people powers as well as the older a small creature called a Kwami in which is a tiny like animal god that helps their holder to become what they are and do great things but unfortunately one holder stole the miraculous of the peacock and butterfly and the person was called Hawk Moth the super villain of Paris of which where Marinette lives at with her mother and step father. When Marinette explained the rest to her father Tony, he asked that if she needed help dealing with this Hawk Moth of which his daughter denied because she can risk her families life of which her enemy can use them against her of which Tony respected his daughters decision and told her to be careful but if anything goes wrong he along with the Avengers will come to Paris and help of which Marinette understood by luckily Hawk Moth was defeated and she got the miraculous back thanks to the help of her team mates who are miraculous holders as well in which after Fu gave up the miraculous in order to protect them, he made Marinette the new master of the miraculous of which she trained her life to become the best master of which she gave miraculous to her closes fiends who always had her back but unfortunately for one holder who wasn't always there for her and just came to flirt with her in which got annoying; she took away that persons miraculous because she felt that the person wasn't worthy of wearing a miraculous in which she used her power to erase that holders memories so that the person doesn't have any memory of being a hero or a miraculous holder. 

When word got out that Hawk Moth was defeated, Tony was very proud of his daughter including his wife Pepper Pops of which Marinette thought of her as her step mother in which both her and Tony had another daughter named Morgan Stark in which she became Marinette's older sister and Marinette was very happy to have a sibling in her life and so did Morgan. To celebrate Tony along with Pepper and Morgan including Tony's intern who goes by the name Peter Parker aka Spider-Man traveled to Paris to visit Marinette in which Marinette was happy to see her father again as well as Morgan so that they all can enjoy a family fun time together; then soon when Peter met Marinette; he found her to be very beautiful as well as talented and smart of which Marinette got to know Peter and spend time with him including finding out he is Spider-Man and Peter finding out that Marinette is Ladybug. Peter and Marinette got to know each other more of which they both started to date as well as fight crime together and she introduced him to her friends Luka, Kagami. Alix, Nino, Chloe, Zoe, and Nathaniel of which all of them were good to Peter and found out that Marinette is the daughter of Tony Stark and promised to keep it to themselves. But sadly Tony couldn't stay long because he had some Avengers business to attend to as well as running his families company of which he asked that if Marinette ever wants to leave Paris and move in with him she is always welcome to in which Tom and Sabine gave their approval; Peter and Marinette exchanged numbers if they want to talk to each other or hangout since Marinette told him about the miraculous and can use the horse miraculous to teleport to New York to see him as well as her father. 

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