BugPool: Daughter of Deadpool!(Spider-Bug)

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On top of the Eiffel Tower while listening to George Clinton Knee Deep was a young woman wearing a red and black jump suit with black spots all over her body and was doing a drawing as well enjoying the theme of the music. That person sitting on the Eiffel Tower is the daughter of the anti hero and mercenary psychopath and funny guy known as Deadpool and this sitting here drawing and enjoying some music is his daughter BugPool better known as Margret Cheng Wilson daughter of Deadpool aka Wade Wilson and Sabine Cheng.


BugPool: Oh shut up Arthur nobody wants to hear those lame speeches about who the character is and what they do

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BugPool: Oh shut up Arthur nobody wants to hear those lame speeches about who the character is and what they do. Wait is the people on Wattpad reading this well might as well give my introduction. Also its fun being on this Bio-Parent one shots that the Arthur did even though he is well you know dead but anyway let's go over the introduction of who I am and how I became such a sexy mother fucker just like my dad.

Margret(BugPool) Pov:

Many of you are wondering if was this girl called Marinette Dupain Cheng who is a girl with a normal life and has lots of friends as well being the heroin known as Ladybug well hate the break the news to you people but I am not. As a matter of fact the names Margret Cheng Wilson and yes my dad is Wade Wilson aka Deadpool and yes my mom is Sabine Cheng but she went by the assassin known as Crimson Blade and lets just say it was love at first site between my parents and I love them with all of my heart.

Back to the story you see my life isn't like that Marinette Dupain Cheng from whatever universe she came from because I am my own person, I do things my way and I let nobody tell me what I can and can't do. If people piss me off well I just shoot them where it hurts like this one time I shot Cat Noir thinking that I was his partner in crime and tried to flirt with me and I wasn't having any of it so I took out my pistol and shot him in the dick and you wouldn't believe how he screamed after I did that and here is a flashback of it.


Cat Noir: Hello M'lady how nice it is to see you again.

BugPool: Oh look who it is the dickless pussy cat who has no backbone nor has a brain how sad.

Cat Noir: All come on M'lady you know you can't handle my charm and good looks.

BugPool: Please you're not that good looking but that boy Spiderman now that guy is good looking and sexy. And his puns are funnier that yours.

Cat Noir: Hey he doesn't belong to you, because you are mine M'lady.

BugPool: Hehehe what makes you think that?

Cat Noir: We're both miraculous heroes and we protect the city and we are made for each other.

BugPool: Okay 1. I don't have a miraculous like I said hundred times and 2. Go fuck yourself you wannabe version of Black Cat with no common sense. And besides I am already have a man in my life who is fall more better than you and name starts with Spider and ends with Man.

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