Prologue-Lost freaking puppy

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To all you rereaders, you need not spoil anything. Please try to refrain from mentioning anything that happens later in this book or in any of the next ones. Please don't spoil things for the other readers.

Thank-you and Enjoy!

Zero's POV

"Sir if I may speak to you about your decision."

"The decision has already been made Agent 53 there is nothing to discuss." I address him calmly.

"Agent 13 is hardly-"

"My decision is final and that is that."

"She's wild, she's reckless, her tactics are, are barbaric!"

"She gets the job done."

"She's a loose cannon."

"She's also, the best agent we've ever had."

"I understand that, really I do," he responds "but do you really believe this is a good idea? Throwing her into a team of agents? She hasn't worked with anyone in over two years. You of all people know how she can get with other agents, she doesn't trust them, and throwing her into a group of complete strangers is not going to end well. Somebody's going to get hurt and it's not going to be her!"

"I am aware."

"Then why not just send her on the mission alone? You said so yourself she gets the job done."

I say nothing in reply as I hand him the mission file, giving him time to read over it before speaking again.

"Normally, yes I would send her on this mission alone but as you pointed out, I do know her, and I know how she can get. She is the only one capable of completing this mission but I'm not going to risk sending her on it alone. I need other agents to keep an eye on her and report back if she begins taking things too far. She knows these people better than anyone, regretfully, and she can help the team just as much as they can help her. Who knows this might just be the chance to get her back on a team, permanently."

"You know she'll never agree to this." He responds, glancing up from the file.

"Actually, she already has."

Cody's POV

I slam my fist into the punching bag yet again and watch as it shakes and protests against the chains.

"Hit that thing any harder and you'll break it."

I turn to face a smirking Devin leaning on the wall across from me.

"Like I care." I retort. He opens his mouth to make a smart arse reply but is cut off as Chase walks up.

"Devin quit bothering Cody."

"Me!?" shouts Devin "I didn't even do anything!"

"Yet" Jason interjects as he sits down on the benches. I shoot Devin a smug look causing him to curse under his breath and flip me the bird.

"That's enough" Chase snaps.

"Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning." Mumbles Jason earning snickers from me and Devin as well as a glare from Chase. He holds his hands up in surrender.

"Just saying" he states as Chase continues to glare. Suddenly the PA speakers blast to life.

"Delta team 2 please report to chief Zero's office for mission briefing."

"The chief's office?" Jason questions

"It must be pretty important if he wants to speak to us directly." Chase muses. Though what he said makes sense. The chief never calls field agents to his office unless it's important. He usually just has another high ranking agent brief us on our missions.

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