1. Put your set belts on

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Alright so I decided that since this story has only one chapter and it's kind of hard to decide whether or not you like the book I decided to be nice and update early. Enjoy!

Thirteen's POV

They all continue to stare, mouths agape, as if I was the newest iPhone on the market. Seriously people get a life.

"Ha, ha. Nice try now what's your real name." I turn my gaze on the boy with dark brown hair, grey eyes, and an intricate tattoo on his arm. He's giving off this bad boy vibe, his muscles tense and arms cross as he oh so patiently, note sarcasm, waits for my response.


"My name is of no importance to you, but my number is, in fact, thirteen," I state calmly though firmly. The muscles in his arms twitch as if he is having the hardest time keeping himself from running up the steps and strangling me...let's test that theory, shall we?

"Are you going to continue standing there like a mopey little girl all day, or do you actually plan on doing something with your life cause this jet is leaving in exactly ten minutes with or without you on it," I state.

"By all means, leave without us. You'll just be forced to complete the mission on your own." He smirks as if he just won.

"Good to know you have a sense of humor," I start, "but I'm sorry did you forget my number? Do you really think I need you for this mission? The only reason you're even here is because of him," I jerk my thumb in Zero's direction "and by the way I wasn't going to leave everyone, just you." The veins in his neck seem to pop out and his face turns a lovely shade of red. I just stare back at him, the same blank look on my face as always. Suddenly there's laughing to his left. I glance over to see a boy with curly, shaggy brownish-blond hair and deep blue eyes.

"I like her" he manages to laugh out.

"See," I say turning back to tattoo boy, "perfect example of why I was only going to leave you." he makes a noise that sounds a growl, but for all I know he's just constipated. I honestly won't be surprised actually. "And if you still don't believe me on what my "real" number is, just ask Zero, he is standing right next to you." All heads turn to Zero.

"One thing you'll learn about Thirteen is that she doesn't lie when it comes to stuff like this."

"But you made up the character of Thirteen." Protests a boy, actually this one gets the honor of being called a man. He's older than the rest, who all look to be around the age of nineteen, my age, by at the very least a year or two; he has short blond hair and bright blue eyes mixed with gray, along with slight stubble all along his jaw line. My mind immediately identifies him as the leader of this team.

"I have made up a lot of things over the years, but Agent Thirteen was never one of them." He replies, his lip twitching in that 'I'm amused' sort of way.

"But I saw the mission files," he protests, "they were-"

"Signed by a different team?" I interrupt

"Well yes," he starts again "you never completed those missions." I roll my eyes, if the last guy is anything like these two, I think the only one I'll be getting along with is shaggy.

"I had other teams take credit for those missions, they don't even know that their numbers are on the files. I didn't want anyone knowing about Thirteen." Replies Zero

"Why?" questions the last guy. He's got black hair and dark green eyes. He turns his hard gaze on me and I unknowingly tense and place my hand on the hilt of the dagger tucked into the back of my jeans. My heart clenches and I proceed to avoid his questioning gaze, it works for all of ten seconds.

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