13. That wasn't an earthquake

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Thirteen's POV

My eyes dart in every direction trying to find some way out of this. My hand reaches slowly for one my knives...one of my 'special' knives.

"Do you really think that's the best idea?" Jason whispers so only I can hear.

"You got a better one?" I bite back.

This doesn't make any sense though, if they wanted us dead they would have fired already, instead they remain standing there, guns trained on us. Realization hits me like a ton of bricks. They don't want all of us dead.

Immediately my mind starts to play this out, what would I do?

I click the button on the knife, the countdown starting, thirty seconds. I raise the knife over my head making it out to look as if I'm going to throw it at them. I don't.

I whirl around and toss it behind me and the fifteen or so guards that are coming up behind us. The force of the explosion shoves us all back and immediately gunfire sounds.

I'm up on my feet in seconds, grabbing Ryan I duck behind several crates and barrels. Devin and Jason make to my side, Cody and Chase stuck on the other.

"This was your brilliant plan?!" Cody shouts.

"Didn't see you coming up with any ideas!" I shoot back.

"Well how the hell do you plan on getting us out of this one now?!"

"We're wearing bulletproof vests!"

"So what!?"

"So don't let the bullets hit your head!"

I grab on to the collar of Ryan's shirt and drag him behind me running towards Chase and Cody. As soon as I reach them I press my back against the crates crouching down as bullets lodge themselves into the barrels and crates. Jason and Devin follow my lead and come running to us.

"So what exactly is the brilliant plan cause so far the only thing you've accomplished is setting fire to half the warehouse!"

"It's only like a fourth, chill Chase. Besides no one's died."

"Yet," Ryan interjects, my glare shuts him up right away.

"He's got a point," Devin mutters. "What is the plan?"

I pull another few knives out of my boots, "Don't die." I reply. I move to a better position before letting several of the knives fly.

"You know I think a gun would be more effective right now," Jason says as he pulls a gun from his waistband.

"Well, by all means, go ahead."

"I was talking about for you."

"I gave mine to Ryan." I retort.

"Well luckily for you I grabbed an extra one off the guards." he tosses the gun to me and I catch it effortlessly.

The rest of the guys have begun shooting, Ryan included. I hold the gun out in front of me and aim, but not firing a single bullet. I tuck the gun into my jeans. I see Tony make a run for the exits and I jump up and run after him. I grip the handle of my dagger tighter as I get closer, while he struggles with the door.

I swing my arm back prepared to let the dagger sink into his shoulder, perfectly aware that we need him alive otherwise I would kill him. He swings his arm around faster and punches me in the stomach causing the dagger to fly from my hand, and me to double over.

I straighten up quickly and pull the gun from my jeans aiming right at his head.

"Step back and place your hands on your head," I order. He complies. "Call off your men."

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