12. Yeah well get in line

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Thirteen's POV

I try to tune him out as he continues talking, hardly ever taking a breath. He must really enjoy the sound of his own voice. the boys remain silent and chained to the wall, watching the boy on the floor, none of them making a move or sound that indicates they know him, or even who he is.

I feel a stare burning into the side of my head so I turn only to face Cody. The look on his face says it all, you betrayed us.

Please stupid have some faith in me will ya?

I hold my finger up to my lips as I stare back at him before dragging it across my neck, making it clear I'll kill him if he says anything.

His face turns to one of confusion as if asking, how in the hell are you standing there without Tony watching. I give him a look that clearly says I'm the best and he narrows his eyes at me. I shrug.

"Now next question." I hear Tony say. "Where is Thirteen?" he asks.

Cody's eyes find mine again and I give him a warning look. "Don't know." he finally says.

"Oh really. I don't believe you," he replies.

"Why do you want Thirteen so badly anyway?" Devin asks.

"Her and I have unfinished business, and I'd like to kill her myself." I see Cody give me a questioning glance out of the corner of my eyes, I pretend I can't see him.

"Yeah well get in line," Chase mutters. I glare at him, but it's wasted as he is still as oblivious as the other two that I'm standing in this room in plain sight.

I'm buying them all glasses when we get out of this.

I watch Tony aim the gun at the boy, "Last chance where is Thirteen?"

Cody looks at me again and I shake my head slowly he looks from me to the boy then back to me. I raise my hand up slowly motioning for him the calm down. He gives me an incredulous look, I pull my dagger from my boot.

"Answer the question," Tony growls out. well someone's annoyed. "3," oh look he's counting down.

"We don't know." Chase states.


"Are you deaf?" oh my gosh, shut up Devin.

"1," his fingers begin to tighten around the trigger, Cody's eyes dart to me. Now if Zero wouldn't kill me, I'd let this kid get shot at least once, serves him right, unfortunately, Zero would shoot me if I let and "innocent" get shot. Devil child ain't that innocent.

My arm swings out and the dagger lodges itself into the throat of the guy next to me, I pull my arm back and throw two knives into two more of the guards across the room. All eyes turn towards me as I back up all guns trained on me, and stand in front of the boy on the floor.

My eyes connect with Tony's and I see him giving me a questioning look. I hold the dagger up so he can see.

"In all honesty, I'd be shocked if you did recognize me." I say, "I mean come on, it has been what four years. Still, I expected more from you Tony, maybe your eyesight is finally going."

"Thirteen." his jaw his clenched and his teeth grind together. "Well, I must admit you have changed a lot."

"In more ways than one."

"I don't believe that. Cause deep down I think you're still that same girl with family issues. I'm sure your brother would be proud." I feel anger rise up in me. "If he could remember that is." I lounge. My vision red.

A gun goes off and I fall backward. The idiot didn't even realize I'm wearing a damn bulletproof vest. I jumped up quickly only to see that Tony had fled leaving me to deal with his remaining minions. Joy oh joy.

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