35. Same color as the stars you'll be seeing shortly

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Thirteen's POV

Cody thrashes around as I dump the fifth bucket of "lighter fluid" on his head, too bad for him he has no idea it's actually just water mixed with a chemical to give it the smell of lighter fluid, but it's completely harmless.

He starts laughing lightly as if he just realized that this is some big joke. "This isn't really lighter fluid," he says, "You're not actually going to light it."

I raise an eyebrow and toss a match into the sixth container of lighter fluid and it explodes. That container actually was lighter fluid, but that was the only one...he doesn't need to know that.

"Last time," I state as I hold my hand out once more. "CD." I make a motion for him to give it to me, or at least tell me where it is.

He glares at me before letting out a resigned sigh. "It's in my computer." He mutters, his hateful glare still boring into my head.

I smile sweetly, "Thanks." I toss a lighted match at him and hear him scream bloody murder along with a collective series of gasps from behind me...well all gasps except for one evil laugh.

I try my best to smother my laughter as the match makes contact with his shirt and simply dies out due to the amount of water he's soaked in. It's silent for about three seconds before the rest of the boys burst into hysterics.

Cody however, finds it in no way amusing.

I swing my dagger out and cut the ropes holding him in place as he simply continues to kill me slowly with his death glare.

I give him back one of my own, only to show him how pissed off I really am that he took my stuff and he looks away.

I turn and walk back into the house as I listen to the boys, (mostly Devin) taunt Cody. I make my way up to his room and waste no time in removing the CD from his laptop, which he happened to be hiding under his bed.

"Why do even want that?" I hear him ask as he enters the room. "There's nothing on it. Or nothing that makes sense anyway." He mutters as he grabs a towel from the bathroom.

"It needs a key code to unlock," I reply shortly as I turn to leave.

"Mind telling me what the key code is?"


"And why not? What happened to you not keeping secrets from us?"

"I said I wouldn't lie to you guys. I never said anything about not keeping secrets, if you ask me about it I'll answer honestly, if you don't I simply don't tell you." I reply.

"Ok, then what's the key code?" He presses.

I shrug. "I don't know."

He gives me a confused look and furrows his eyebrows. "You don't know?" I shake my head in response. "Then why on earth do you even have it?"

"My friend gave it to me," I say, turning the CD over in my hands. "I've never been able to figure out why. It's useless if you don't have the code. I don't know why she thought I'd be able to get it."

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