"I say what I want to say and do what I want to do. There's no in between. People will either love you for it or hate you for it."

- Eminem

Kevin POV

After a short train ride back to the Dauntless HQ I met up with my twin sister Levina and together we headed to the dining hall. On our way there we started talking about today, especially what happen this morning.

"Can you believe she actually hit him?" Levina said

"I know right, it was so good, best freaking moment of the day. The guy surly deserved it though. You know I talked to her afterwards."

"You did? What did she say, did you hit on her?"

I rolled my eyes at her. She always thinks so low of me.

"No I did not hit on her, why would you think that? And for your information she only said that the guy deserved what happen and that she might choose dauntless tomorrow. Well she didn't exactly said that but whatever, I know she will come here I just know it."

We had finally arrived at the cafeteria and we were standing in the line to get our food.

"First of, you always hit on girls so why would she be any different? Secondly, how can you be so sure she will choose Dauntless, sure she can throw a good punch but that doesn't necessarily mean that she will choose us. I think you only want her to join us so you can bang her."

"Ouch sis, where is your faith in me? I don't want to bang her, well maybe I do but I won't, because I like to know her better so sleeping with her would just ruin the whole thing."

"Who does Kevin want bang?" Zeke suddenly spoke up from our table.

"O just I girl from Candor that he met today. Apparently she is thinking of picking Dauntless tomorrow not to mention she is a total bad as. She punched some dipshit square in the face and broke his nose." Levina laughed out the last part. Making me laugh as well when a picture of his bloody face entered my mind.

"Really, so who is this bad as chick then? Hey Four, come here. Kevin got some new chick on his mind that he wants to bang. Apparently she is from Candor and is choosing tomorrow and if Kevin here gets his will she will join us."

"Is that so? And what makes him so sure of that?" Four join in.

"Hey guys I never said I was actually going to bang her, I only said that I wouldn't mind. Anyway, I only met her today and from what I can tell she is not exactly the person with a lot of friends so I start talking to her and she said she might choose Dauntless."

"Come on Kev, the girl is a total loner, everyone knows it. The way everyone talks behind her back it's no wonder she isn't more social. The only time I have actually heard her talk is when the "popular" kids bully someone or they try to bring her down. You really think that coming here will help her get out of that shell of hers?"

"Yes I actually do. She may be I loner but like you said, people isn't really nice to her. She may have a temper when it comes down to it but she only stick up for what she believes in and I think it's admirable how she stands up to all the bullies at school. She may be short but girls got guts."

"Now I am even more curious to know who this chica is." Zeke said with a smirk.

"Her name is Candice Heart."

At saying her name I could have sworn I saw some recognition in Fours face, like he knew who she was, but I most have seen wrong.

"Candice Heart, are you kidding me?"

"Why do you know her?"

"Well yes as a matter of fact I do. She is an old friend of mine, we use to talk and do some training together before my initiation."

"Really, what she like?"

"Don't even think about it. I'm not going to let some horny teenager hurt her, keep your dirty mind away from her. You can be friends but that's it. If I find out you try anything with her I will hurt you, I don't care we are friends, she is of limits."

"Ok Ok, take it easy big guy I won't, I just wanted to get to know her better."

"Well, it doesn't matter anyway because we don't know she will actually transfer at all and none the less to Dauntless. And if she will choose Dauntless, it is not going to be easy, believe me. With Eric as her trainer, he sure as hell will not go easy on her." Levina bugged in

"Aha Eric, our newest and ruthless leader. He isn't going to go easy on any of them. Good luck Four on keeping him in check. I guess you are going to have to be the one to save them all from his royal highness fury."

We all started to laugh at Zekes comment, oblivious to the fuming young leader a few tables away.

So in this chapter you got to know a few other characters. What to you think of Zeeks relationship to Candice? All will be revealed in due time. Hope you all liked it.


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