Chapter 4: A Little Bit Steamy

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The Heart of a Mate: Chapter 4: A Little Bit Steamy

Lauren's POV

               I lay in Jays arms, content with the silence. Jacoby was over at Mika's - her way of making up for missing his birthday party - and Jay was all mine. His lips trailed my neck as his hand slid down lower, tracing over the new scar I had obtained through a Shifter Ashe tainted pellet. Langley's blood did more than just counter act the potentially lethal poison; it had also healed all the associated damage. 

"Jay-" I moaned against his lips. He cupped me and began to message. He moved from my lips and back to my neck, expertly sucking and teasing the sensitive skin. 

His hand left me as he crawled up to straddle my waist. His chest was already heaving and his member glistening. He vigorously jerked on it as I watched; the moans that escaped his lips caused my blood to course faster and leave me a throbbing mess. He grabbed my legs and propped them against his shoulders, giving him full access. He grinded against me, the feel of his skin teasing me to no end. "Jay!" I whined, the pleasure had begun to over flow, making every touch almost unbearable. 

He leaned over me, his lips playing on mine as our tongues danced. 

He smiled. His smile was almost cocky and a pang of nostalgia shot through me. I aptly pushed it out of my mind and allowed my every though to encompass my mate and I. "Can't take it anymore?" 

"Are you going to help me or am I going to help myself?" I shot back, my cock beginning to throb painfully. 

He pressed his lips to mine again, "I'm always here to help you." I winced as his as he pushed into me, my sphincter stretching to accommodate his size. I clutched the bed sheets under us, air sifting through the think space between my teeth. 

"Ah, fuck!" My body spasmed uncontrollably as he pushed in deeper. The feeling of him inside me was nothing new but his size was something I could never fully get used to. 

My fingers and toes were knotted in the bed sheets and I could barely catch my breath by time he was fully in. Say he felt incredible was an understatement. I could already feel pressure building in my abdomen and it took almost all of my concentration to slow it down. Jay had barely begun to thrust and I didn't want to cut our mating scene short by cumming too soon. 

His pace sped up and he pounded into me harder. My engorged dick bounced between my legs in a mix of desire and ecstasy. It glistened in the light as clearish fluid hung off the tip. It begged for the attention that Jay knew better than to give yet. I was so ready that even one stroke would push me too far. Jay's hot breath cascaded down my chest as hairs began to grown and lengthen on the surface of his skin. As he neared climax he began to lose control over him form and, as a result, began to transform. His dick thickened inside of me, causing me to slightly whimper. I braced my hands against him, setting a boundary for how much of his altered form I could handle. 

His howls exceeded my moans and soon they were joined by others in the pack. While I blushed, Jay smiled with pride. I found it embarrassing that everyone in the pack knew when Jay and I pleasured each other, but it was something I really had no control of. "Jay, I can't-" I began but before I could finish my sentence his hand had slipped down and was now giving my member the attention it had been craving. His fingers traced my length and teased my tip. I bucked every time the sensitive area was even jostled, sending a hot rush of pleasure through me. Jay audioably groaned and pushed into me with a higher sense of wanting. I was filled with his seed, the warm liquid pooling in the pit of my stomach. It was raging and the near foreign feel sent shivers down my spine. His thumb brushed over my slit and the sensation it caused forced a whimper through my lips. He pulled out, my hole gaping after being stretched. I sucked in a tight breath and finally released he pent up pressure with a ragged cry. It landed all over my chest, a bit even landing on Jay's bottom lip. Without hesitation, his tongue poked through his lips and he gladly licked it off. My heart thrummed against my ribs uncomfortably. 

"Did I help you enough?" He cracked as he collapsed next to me. 

I looked down at my now shimmering chest, "Yes - a lot." 

He rolled onto his stomach to face me. "How do you feel?" 

He was suddenly serious and I knew he wasn't talking about the haze of hormones I was currently under. During the past week a sense of desperation had been eating away at me. I didn't know why and while I attempted to push it aside, Jay wanted to figure it out. 

I sat up and swung my legs off the edge of the bed, my muscles constricting almost painfully. "I'm fine." I walked into the bathroom, Jay following behind me. "Join me?" I threw my thumb over my shoulder at the tub. He nodded and moved to turn on the water. While I loved Jay with all I had, it wasn't enough. A part of my heart had disappeared with Pyro that night and I have yet to find it. While I wanted to give Jay my everything - I simply couldn't. 

               I laid on Jay's chest, the warm water embracing us in a false sense of comfort. I pulled him closer, his breathing lulling me to sleep. I felt safe in his arms and that was one fact I could never deny. 

               I could hear Jay yelling from where I stood, Jacoby once again clinging to my waist as I covered his ears. The whole argument had started when Jay questioned Mika about Jacoby's reluctance to visit her. Once it got heated they took it inside. I swung the pup into my arms and sat down on the play set Jay had built for him when he was three. "Jacoby, what's wrong - how come you never want to stay with your mommy?" He stared at the ground as he leaned into me. 

"Mommy doesn't love me like you and Daddy do." He mumbled in one of the smallest voices I've ever heard him use. 

I looked at him with concern in my eyes, "What do you mean she doesn't love you like Daddy and I do?" 

He began to pull at the stray strings of his shorts. "She doesn't like me anymore - she would rather be with him." His nose scrunched up in a look of confusion and hatred. Mika had another Shifter in the household? 

My grip tightened protectively. "Have they ever hurt you?" 

"He just sleeps all day...Mommy slaps me sometimes when she says I've been bad though." Mika hits him? Anger flared in my heart. Jay, nor I, has ever physically disciplined Jacoby and I knew Jay wouldn't be happy to hear yhat Mika has been raising her hand to him. "I don't like when she slaps me - it hurts," 

I guided the pup's head against my shoulder and steadily held him, "I'll talk to Daddy - okay? Mommy won't hit you anymore." 

He suddenly went rigid. "No! She'll slap me again if she found out I told." The more I heard the angrier I became. Jacoby sounded like a child of abuse and that wasn't settling well with me. "Please don't tell Daddy." He begged. 

It was breaking my heart. This little pup that I loved so much was going through so much pain. "We gotta tell Daddy, but Mommy isn't going to hurt you anymore - we won't let her." 

"Promise?" He held out his little pinkie to me and I instantly locked it in mine. 

"I promise." He smiled and threw his arms around me. "Who does Mommy have in the house?" 

"I don't know," He slightly shrugged, "she calls him Cicatrice because he has scars going down his back." I stiffened. Only highly ranked Demons were blessed with wings and two scars going down the back reminded me too much of a certain hybrid whose memory still haunted me.

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