Chapter 8: So Many Questions

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The Heart of a Mate: Chapter 8: So Many Questions

Pyro's POV

               My head was still spinning relentlessly - no doubt a side effect of the Vampire Ashe that had been implanted to keep me at bay. Even though my limbs were still numb I still had regained the majority of my senses. I wanted to call out to anyone that would hear me but I knew there was little chance of that since I still processed no movement over my own jaw. 

"Pyro?" I could scarcely feel Lauren's hand on my own and my heart swelled with his kindness. I didn't deserve him and I knew it but I truly had no control over that. "Pyro, please open your eyes!" 

I willed them open. I couldn't disappoint Lauren: the one that I loved and he loved me too- despite the heinous acts I have committed against him. At first, I was a bit confused...there was no way that this man standing in front of me now was Lauren.

               They looked alike but this person was older. It must've been some scandalous trick to further burden my vivacity. But it was him. His hair was still bleached and he still wore kohl to emphasize his all too credulous eyes; apart from everything, the love was still there... "I-I'm so sorry." The words asphyxiated my very being. It was incongruous for me, of all people, to utter those words for two reasons: I have never bothered to genuinely articulate them before, with much reluctance; I had tried to decimate his very existence. 

He shook his head in disbelief. "Don't worry about that right do you feel?" 

I attempted a smirk. "Better now." 

"Glad you feel 'better,' you have a lot of fucken questions to answer!" The dog took Lauren's hand possessively. 

"What makes you think I'm at liberty to discuss anything with the likes of you?" I countered with a harsh cough. I may have been practically bed bound with very little authority over my own extremities but that was no reason why I would allow myself to be chastised by his over bearing amount of arrogance. 

"Stop it Jay, he just barely woke up." 

"How long have I been here?" I attempted to sit up but halted as a string of pain shot up my sides. "Shit." 

"Don't push yourself - you've been beaten pretty badly." There was worry in his eyes and for a moment I couldn't bring myself to look away. 

"Nonsense...I'm okay." I knew I wasn't though. "Lauren, did you-?" 

He shook his head with a small smile. "Yeah, I had to do something." 

"What did you do baby?" The dog amply questioned. 

He played with his fingers before turning his attention, "I thought since Langley's Vampire blood helped me, my Shifter blood would counter-act Vampire Ashe..." 

"You let that leech bite you?" 

I smirked. "Come on Mutt - I'm sure you had your fair share of bites." I clamped my teeth twice, exposing my rarely seen fangs. 

"Pyro, stop it - Jay, it wasn't like that." Lauren attempted to explain. 

"He tried to fucken kill you and now, you save his ass?!" I actually found it quite jealous this mongrel was. 

I took Lauren's hand in my own, "He can't help it. He'd be willing to die at this very moment if it meant saving me - we are still bonded after all..." They both looked at each other credulously. 

The dog growled and jerked Lauren's hand out of my own. "The Luster is a liar, why doesn't that surprise me? I severed that rune myself!" He spun Lauren and jerked his shirt sleeve down - exposing the rune that had indeed been sliced. 

I let out a weak laugh. "You know nothing of the Demon Bonding ritual, do you?" I once again reached out and pulled my partner to my side. "That rune is just a symbol of our physical link. Now I can cut myself and he will no longer bear the same pain. We Demons are nothing like you dogs - when we bond, it's for eternity. Our bonds aren't in some rune...It's in our hearts." I pushed my lips onto Lauren's and my fire intensified. I knew he felt it too, whether he'd admit it or not. He melted into me for a moment before he pushed me away. 

His cheeks were flushed but the yearning was still there. "If you're still my mate then how am I bonded with Jay as well and why did you betray me?" His voice fell toward the end of the sentence, signaling his reluctance to believe something that he, himself, knew was true.  

I honestly hadn't meant to betray him. "We're hybrids Lauren, our mating habits aren't exactly well known." I answered, ignoring the second question. 

I could tell the dog was on edge, only holding out because of Lauren. "The Supremacy Rune - what is that all about?" His eyes were glossing over and I wanted nothing more than to kiss his tears away. 

I looked away before I gave in again. "My mother put it on me the first time I went to see her." 

"And when was that? When you were an infant?" 

"No Lauren. The first time I saw my mother since she had given birth to me was right after I was sent to bring you back here. I was granted permission to see her if I did as asked." I felt too vulnerable. I am Pyro for fuck's sake and I was nearly brought to tears thinking of that moment. She didn't welcome me with open arms - instead she figured I would be useful so she had some of her followers hold me down while she carved my remaining freedom away... "I regret it." 

He must've saw the slight tremble in my lip because he asked the dog to stand outside of the room. 

"Lauren, don't be a fucken idiot! He's playing you." 

"Please Jay?" I could tell Lauren was tense as well. The dog stamped out of the room and slammed the door behind him. Lauren contemplated going after him for a moment before sitting next to me. "Tell me the truth." 

"I neglected to have any control of my actions. I knew everything I did but couldn't stop myself." Emotion came flooding back as reality hit me. I had actually murdered my father on behalf of my mother. My father - of all people - didn't deserve to die. He cared for Langley and I...he only did what he thought was best and I was a disgrace for undermining him. "It's all my fault." 

"Your mother put that rune on you - didn't she?" All I managed to do was shake my head. "Then it's not your fault." 

I reached out and fingered his shoulder blade. "I'm sorry I tried to kill you." 

"I'm sorry I took my wings..." 

I shook my head, "No - you had every right." 

He bit his lip, as if there were questions he couldn't bring himself to voice. We sat in silence until he found the courage. "Why is she doing this - what is she hoping to gain?" 

"She's power hungry. She wants to rule but her ways will just lead everything into ashes." While my mother didn't possess the gift of fire - I did...and I was at her every beck and call. "I'm glad to still see you alive. I guess the dog can somewhat protect you after all." 

Confusion screwed up his face momentarily. "What do you mean?" 

"She set a contractor out a few weeks ago with you as his target." 

"I know that already - I've been attacked twice! Why me, though?" 

"She wants this." I held the pendant that hung around his neck, the symbol of his District.

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