Chapter 3: Being Alpha

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The Heart of a Mate: Chapter 3: Being Alpha

Jay's POV

               I watched as Lauren's eyes closed and his breathing shallowed. I let out a guttural howl, my pain echoing through the camp. "Lauren, open your eyes!" I ordered, shaking his shoulders. "Open your fucken eyes!" My vision was hazy with tears. I couldn't lose him - we had come too far to say goodbye now. "Lauren-" 

"Alpha..." I turned to see Mark, his head bent down in a submissive stature. 

"Where's that fucking hunter - I swear he'll pay with every last fiber of his being!" I yelled, causing him to slightly cringe. 

He tipped his chin, exposing his neck fully. "We were unable to follow his trail, or lack thereof." He swallowed hard, his heart beat pounding. 

               I remembered his current position, submissive and terrified. He and the others had failed and he was awaiting his punishment. Traditionally, I was supposed to rip his throat out, allowing him to slowly bleed to death - that was the price for his incompetence, but that was merciless. He wasn't the one that hurt Lauren; therefore, he wasn't the one that deserved to die. 

               I turned my back to Lauren's gaunt form, "Stop standing like that - I'm not my father." Mark, like me, had followed in his father's pack placement. When we were ten, my father had killed his as punishment for his inability to complete a task. Mark and I had witnessed it and the look in Mark's eyes that day about killed me as well. From that second on, I swore eye for an eye. 

"My apologies Alpha." Confusion flashed across his face but I knew he remembered that day - it had haunted him for years after all. "He's dying - isn't he?" Lauren and Mark were unlikely friends, but friends none the less. I looked back at my mate, my bond weakening with each passing second. 

"He's barely there." If it weren't for our bond telling me he was holding on, I would've thought he was gone. "Someone's taken a hit out on him and I want to know who." There was a sinister and dark offset to my tone but I made no effort to hide it. "Get the others to guard the tent, not one gets in but me." I stormed out, shifting almost instantly. I ran back to the party land, my nose picking up every scent but the one I aimed for. Two other's had come to flank me, snarling and stomping their paws. On my right was Steven and on my left was Mathew. "I want this hunter found - you found no trace of him at all?" 

They all bowed their furry heads, their ears hanging back as if I was scolding them. "No Alpha, he disappeared altogether." 

I cursed before taking off, the two following closely behind. I traced and retraced the parameter, each time coming up with nothing. I was frustrated, hurt and I wanted to find that hunter - now! 

               I walked up to Mark's tent, Jacoby catching my eye instantly. My pup was leaning against one of the windows with his soulful eyes trained at the cold ground. Next to him was Amonie. She attempted to dry his cheeks and lessen the sulk in his shoulders. His head shot up as I neared, his eyes widening before he jumped out the window and ran through the door a minute later. "Daddy!" I pulled him against me, his small hands clinging to anything and everything he could. His legs wrapped around my torso and locked behind my back. He began shaking, his chest convulsing as he cried into my neck. 

I rubbed my hand over his back, "It's okay Jacoby, Daddy's here." I knew he was terrified, he had just seen his step-dad shot. I hated the fact that he had seen it - he was barely five and death was something I still wanted to shield him from. "Thanks Kat." I smiled at Mark's mate and Lauren's best friend. She swayed from foot to foot, the obvious question stuck on her lips. Amonie stood behind her, her small hand knotted in her mother's dress. She was a beautiful pup with crystal eyes and curly brown hair. I really had no doubt Jacoby would imprint on her when the time came. "I'm going to take him home." She wished me goodbye before picking up her pup and disappearing back into the tent. As I walked with Jacoby cradled in my arms, I couldn't help but think of Lauren. He was my mate, my everything after Jacoby and I couldn't imagine life without him. 

"Where's Lauren?" I couldn't tell him he was near death but I didn't want to lie to him either. "He's sleeping." Content with that answer, he remained quiet. 

               The winds picked up, bringing a familiar scent with it. It made the hair on the back of my neck rise and my stomach roll. "Daddy, what's that smell?" I changed my course from home to the medic tent. "Daddy?" 

"It's nothing; I just have to see something really quick." The scent lingered in the air. "Stay here." I ordered as I pushed him into the safety of the pack house. He was welcomed by the other pups and under the watchful eye of the other mothers. I shifted and ran for the medic tent. 

               The guards Mark had set were laying at the tent opening, the small flap flying in the wind. Two foreign guards stood just inside, with another standing next to a blonde teenager dressed in leather. The wrappings around Lauren's midsection had been cut and there was fresh blood staining his pale skin. The teenager held a knife to his wrist, pulling it slowly and allowing the fresh drawn blood to drip into Lauren's mouth. I snarled, disgusted, before charging. I ran between the guards' legs and jumped over the single bed, my paws hit the foreigner's chest, catching him off guard. He fell back and the knife slid from his grip. 

"Down doggy - I'm helping him!" He screamed as he put his hands up in surrender, keeping his guards at bay. "My name is Langley, I'm the Grand Levi of the Demon District." His eyes were a mask of fear and pride. 

"What are you doing to him?" I barked. 

He turned his hand to expose his wrist, still dripping with his precious life force. "I'm a Vampire - slash - Demon Halfling. Vampire blood has healing properties that counter act Shifter Ashe." I shifted, my hands still pinning him to the ground. "Jay?" 

"So you're the infamous Langley." I allowed him to stand and walked over to Lauren who had begun to regain his color. "What did you do to my guards?" 

"Nothing actually," He shrugged, "They were asleep when I got here." 

Suddenly enflamed, I headed for the door. "Wake up!" I ordered, making them jump. 

"Alpha!" They cried in unison. 

"Demons got into the tent while you slacked off!" 

They shrank back, shaking a bit. "When given a job you need to complete it." I sent them off, annoyed with their fecklessness. 

"He's waking up!" Langley shouted. My thoughts softened and instantly went to my mate. 

I walked back inside, "Lauren?" 

He was sitting up with his hand clutching his head. He blinked continuously under the torch light. "Langley?" 

"Y-Yeah?" The other boy stepped forward slightly. 

Lauren turned his head, his eyes catching mine, making him smile. "How you feeling baby?" 

He smirked, "I'll be better when you get your ass over here and kiss me." I obeyed happily.



"Down Doggy" XD Langley kills me ^_^

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