[Filler Chapter] The Sleeping Princess

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[This one is where Athanasia was prepared in case she was accused. So she poisoned herself to sleep so no one aside from Lily knows about Reiju and Izuku. This is on the POV in Obelia only.]

"Athanasia!" Reiju exclaimed in panic as his lover hurriedly sent her nanny home under the guise of "running away","What's your plan? A-are you coming with me in Japan?"

"No," She frowned, she removed the locket that she wears ever since he made it for her. She had a picture of them three in it, and placed it on their son's neck,"Elpidius will. You two need to get out of Obelia,"

"What do you mean?!" Reiju snapped at her,"Is there something wrong!?"

"I've been framed," There was a silence between them.

"Framed? I supposed that I could get rid of them," Reiju frowned, holding their son close to his chest,"I'll get Gigantomachia,"

"No," She shook her head,"Duke Alpheus and Countess Rosalia was quick to pin Jennette's poisoning to me. I need you and Elpidius to get out of here,"

"And if I did!? What will you do?" He asked gritting his teeth in frustration. He just knew that his little fairy was acting weird for three weeks now. She was making trip to that abandoned magician tower. It was so suspicious.

"I made a Strychnine," His eyes widen at her admission. Strychnine was a sleep poison. He has no idea how different it is here in this dimension but for his lovely little fairy to make one..

His heart hurt. For his family. These people were ruining it.

"I will sacrifice myself for us, Reiju," She smiled,"I will not die. I will simply be asleep, with my body and heart as still as a corpse, but alive. My magic is going to keep me alive, so please.. Listen to my request just this once.."

"Nasia..." He whispered her name into the wind. He carefully place their son on the golden baby basket that is covered with Athanasia's blanket. He approached her, as she took out the blue odorless poison.

He hugged her from behind. She leaned into his chest. Basking into this silence.

"How will you reverse this.." He muttered into her hair.

"Elpidius can wake me up.." She answered, looking up as he gave her a loving kiss, "I made sure his magic can wake me up. I left instructions to our favorite place,"

Their favorite place. That wisteria tree he planted and she enchanted to never wither.

"Just.. Come back us, alright?" He looked at her with full of love as she twirled and looked at him as well with the same emotions.

She smiled and they shared the one last kiss they would had for years.


"Sire.." The red haired knight looked at the blonde haired emperor who was grieving. If people saw him they would think that he was so worried for the second princess.

But he was not. This man finally remembered his emotions and memories regarding Lady Diana, the only woman he loves. But it meant that he remembers the child he abandoned in that Palace.

He was scarily quiet in this night. He was waiting for the other man to make a move. To do something (preferably throwing the fake princess out), but instead he stood up and left the palace.

"Your Majesty!" He called for the man who mindlessly walked towards one direction. The Ruby Palace.

Is he finally going to beg for forgiveness? To the lonely princess he abandoned almost 18 years ago?

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