the fairy and the monster

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I know that Athanasia's birthday is December 3rd, but I would like to move it to July 15th for plot reasons aka I just like to fuck with LP!Claude rn.

I love WMMAP!Claude than LP!Claude lmao.


“I should have got much more specific answer from that civilian,” a white haired man dust himself off when he ungracefully landed on the ground. Looking around, the place looks so barren and neglected.

Looking ahead, he could see a large building, a mansion perhaps? Nonetheless, despite of it looking neglected, the roof resemble the color of ruby, ironically his eye color is the same shade.

This is a new dimension?


“W-who are you?” A trembling voice of a child spoke behind him. When he turned around about to taunt them, he was suddenly in awe of how beautiful she is. Long, wavy blonde hair, and he would like to argue with that, for him it is luxurious golden hair. Her eyes beautiful blue jeweled eyes that are hidden beneath her bangs were so mesmerizing. Has he really fallen down so low to be in awe of a child?

“Ah, forgive me little lady,” He said politely, bowing a little,“I seem to have used my quirk incorrectly and have landed to your home,”

“Quirk?” She tilted her head a bit,“But doesn't quirk mean it is the peculiar behavioral habit?”

“You are correct and wrong, Little Lady,” Does this little one doesn't know what a quirk is? Is she perhaps in captivity in this manor?“Quirk is what my powers is called,”

“You mean magic, right? Are you perhaps a magician, Mister?” She asked. Magic? You mean that he transported to a dimension where magic exist!?


He had a lovely talk with the girl(whom was named Athanasia, as he found out)'s nanny, a noble lady named Lilian York. The place he was currently in is what they called Ruby Palace(make sense with the roof color), the palace where the emperor's concubines stay.

But 15 years ago, all the concubines have perished at the hands of the emperor when Athanasia was born. Since then, Athanasia was neglected and abused by the maids of the Ruby Palace, she's a princess whose existence was ignored by her own father, and readily accepted a girl of unknown origins just because she presented the same eyes and was the child of the emperor's former fiancée.

“She has been away from the palace for so long, so it is understandable she has Father's attention,” Athanasia chuckled dryly.

Why can't you be mad?! She took everything from you! She's not even your sister by blood! He was seething in anger from the inside. He isn't showing on the outside how angry he is, so the little fairy in front of him wouldn't be afraid.

“Why?” He could only ask.

“Because at the end of the day, they're still my family,” She smiled so brightly at him,“I still love them in the end,”

His little fairy.


He has been in the empire of Obelia for about six months now. He had learned a lot of things about Athanasia. First off, she could be a little shit when she's fucking tired, understandable of course, she's a child.

Her names means Undying. Names that means immortality is an automatic sign of being the heir to the throne, but since her father is being a sonuvabitch, practically gave that position to his fucking niece. Laughable enough, both of them don't have the name for an heir. The man's names means lame or limping, sure the wrench has the name that means "God is Gracious", but fucking hell she doesn't even deserve that if she keeps putting her duties to Athanasia then claim it as her own!

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