moving forward

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the way back to UA is silent. The story of how his parents meet somehow made him able to understand the man everyone call All for One.

Athanasia de Alger Obelia was able to bring out Reiju Shigaraki of that evil shell he hid himself. She was his light. He was ready to abandon his evil empire for her sake but everyone went and took her away from them.

His father apparently have gaven him the same quirk he used to go to Obelia. He told him how to use it but the question is..

Could he want to go there? After all, they did killed his mother.

"My father could give you answers about what happened before," He remembered her telling him that.

"I know. But there's more to that alright?" Athanasia assured him,"At the end of the day, he is still the father I love dearly,"

Mother. I know you love grandfather. But that won't stop me from changing my mind on giving him a piece of my mind. He glared at the sky from his seat, his jeweled eyes reflecting in the glass.

Grandfather, you better give me an explanation why my mother has to die, or as Kacchan would say; I'm Full Cowling your ass.


"Zuku!" Everyone in 1A called for his name. He could see everyone's eyes looking at him in worry, at the kitchen was Sato holding his comfort food, Katsudon. In the dorms were also the big three, Kendo, Monoma, Tetsutetsu, Shoizaki, and Setsuna.


"Out of all Japanese cuisine that I cooked for her, Katsudon was her favorite," He could remember the gentle smile of his father at the thought of his mother,"I'm glad that you also like that,"

"Oh Zukkun," Ochaco softly cooed, and they did a squad hug when he began crying again. Tenya and Tsuyu guided him to the couch as Sato gave him the food, thanking taller boy he ate the food.

"So... How was it? Did you feel better?" Tokoyami asked him as he handed off a glass of water. Izuku sighed and told him the same story his father told him.

"Yaomomo, Mei," Uraraka's face darken,"Prepare the guns and tanks,"

"Aight bet," Mei cackled.

"Which kind?" Momo asked.

"Guys! it's okay," He laughed at them as the girls were planning to kill the emperor of another dimension.

"Listen here Zukkun," Kacchan called for his attention and kissed his forehead.

("See, privileged one," Uraraka huffed quietly.

"Wish it was me," Hagakure quietly fake cried.)

"I am speaking at the behalf of these idiots," Everyone else has their eyes widen,"When I said we all love you, romantically, so whatever is your decision regarding your granddad, we're with you every step of the way okay,"

("He said it," Hitoshi turned to the others with wide eyes.

"So manly," Rockyshima and Metalshima(as Katsuki calls them) clutch their chest.)

"You guys what..?" He looked at all of them in disbelief. All he received was encouraging nods and love in their eyes.

"But won't you find it weird..?" He asked, heart beating out loud in his chest that Jiro and Shoji could hear it with their quirks, if their peaceful and delighted humming were any indication.

"Bakugou literally had to fight us when this entire group started," Mirio laughed remembering the day when he and the others actually confessed on wanting to be with Izuku.

("Do you think if I confessed to Midoriya, he'll let me have a chance?" Mirio asked Katsuki off handedly.

"HA!?" The ash blonde exploded(metaphorically),"WHO TOLD YOU YOU CAN BE WITH /MY/ ZUKU!?")

"There was a lot of explosion," Sato laughed.

"Do you really..? Want to be with me?" Izuku quietly asked.

"Of course we do," Hitoshi approached the bakudeku pair in the couch, sat beside them and pat Izuku in the head,"You're the only who accepted our fuck ups, our "tragic back story", and hell you gave us all the love and care that we could ever want in a partner and a friend. How could we don't want you?"

"The question is," Iida mimicked his actions,"Do /you/ want us?"

Everyone was quiet, holding their breath as they wait for an answer.

Then they all let out a deafening cheer.

Izuku nodded.

He's theirs now.


"Seriously, Lemillion?" Bubble Girl incredulously asked the third year who's standing beside the first year protectively who was crying,"What happened?"

Behind her was Sir Nighteye who was looking at his two intern in worry. Mirai was made aware of Midoriya's predicament. Everyone is aware that his biological father is the man behind the League, as much as he doesn't approve of the golden haired boy as All Might's successor, everyone made the right choice of not pining the father's crimes to his child. He is also made aware by his old partner that his mother was from a different dimension, if he needs more information, All for One is the to go to person to ask.

When he first met Midoriya in person he was startled that the cameras didn't do him justice, admittedly. If he didn't know that All for One is his biological father nor his late mother made an appearance, he would have assumed that Toshinori is his father by the hair alone.

So here he was, watching Mirio comfort Midoriya(who he found out is actually Mirio's lover, when the entire big three, class 1A and five class 1B student are Midoriya's lover, but it's recent so as long as it doesn't bother their work he has no problem with it.)

He was crying for that girl Overhaul has taken away. If Mirio told the rest of the people in their "harem", he would bet that one of the interns that are part of the company he's collaborating with has and definitely will have a goddamn gun.


Somehow the future changed. It supposed to be bloody.

But Eraserhead has an intern, Abaddon is his hero(Shoizaki approved-name). The intern, along with Ryukyu's and Fat Gum's interns, seriously did added guns in their costumes as a "support item"(utter bullshit if Eraser's face is any indication, Mirio has a gun infused with his quirk as well).

Nonetheless, Eraser's intern was the biggest help when Overhaul woke up from that beat down from Deku, and detaining the resisting Yakuza members. Nighteye survived because somehow Deku channeled Eri-chan's quirk to reverse his injuries.

("His mother has a larger amount of magic," All for One, Reiju Shigaraki, shrugged his shoulder when Mirai came to talk to him days later.

"It's just happen that Athanasia learned the true concept of time,")

So everyone was not that hurt, Lemillion didn't lose his quirk. They're all fine, aside from Kirishima and some others that fought the other Precepts.

So that called for a "harem cuddle time" as Hagakure calls it. Now that they are all with Midoriya, they all have Katsuki's privileges, so his chat name went from The Privilege One to The Kacchan™ by Kaminari(of course that resulted to an explosion to the face).

"We love you, Zuku," They all whispered lovingly in his ear as Izuku is dozing off from tiredness, and the emotional breakdowns by merely remembering his parents,"We'll be here, so take a rest,"

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