revelation of a grieving man

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All for One felt him. Once he felt that mana once more. He stopped.

"Protect our son, Reiju," Blue jeweled eyes. Bright smile.

The fairy he fell in love with dearly sixteen years ago.

Athanasia de Alger Obelia.

"What? Trying to go up your limit?" The idiot of a hero tried taunting him as he slowly fall to the ground.

"No," Everyone was quiet. Ready to attack and aid their beloved symbol of peace if needed,"I surrender,"

He could hear the gasps all around him. He didn't care, he even offered his wrists to be cuffed.

How idiotic could he get? He made a promise to Athanasia that he would stop this madness. That he would stop for the sake of their son.

But he guess that's what grieving does to a man who lost his light.


Everything came into a standstill when the villain fighting All Might suddenly surrendered.

"Why is he..?" Izuku asked himself.

"He's gotta be bluffing," Kacchan hissed next to him.

"Why?" All Might's voice shouted at the villain, All for One's sound quirk still active without the man himself, and others knowing,"After all the years of your reign, all your killings. Why are you surrendering so easily? Don't tell me you have a trick up your sleeve!"

"No," The villain's deep firm voice answered the hero,"Only now, I remembered a promise I made 16 years ago,"

"What promised," All Might composed himself.

"That I would stop this madness and protect my son instead," Everyone was silent, Izuku could see through the screen that his mentor was shaking.

"Why not before?" Edgeshot's voice was heard,"If you had made a promise, why did you only remember it just now?"

"I am nothing but a man who lost his lover sixteen years ago," The villain may not have his eyes, but he was looking at All Might head-on,"I will give Ragdoll her quirk back, but promise me that my son will never be tied to my crimes. I want him to be happy and pursue his dreams,"

A five minute silence. Until All Might nodded.

"Alright," the hero nodded,"Tell us the name of your son then,"

"I left him in front of a doorstep sixteen years ago on the day be was born," That story made his blood go cold.

"Zukkun," Kacchan immediately hold him in his arms.

"His current name is Izuku Midoriya," Tenya and Eijiro are looking at him worriedly.

But he was still looking at the screen. Where the villain, his father, is still standing in utter remorse.

"Current?" Mt. Lady's voice was heard.

"His real name is Elpidius de Alger Obelia," His father said.

"My name," He breathed, as Kacchan pat his back,"I finally know my name.."

"de Alger Obelia is your surname?" All Might asked.

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