Golden hair with white highlights, blue jeweled eyes

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"Aren't you the cutest thing," Inko Midoriya cooed. It was the middle of the night when she heard a baby cry by her door, when she opened it. There on the grandest basket was a baby boy with luxurious golden hair with white highlights and the most pure blue jeweled eyes she has ever seen. The freckles on his faces was highlighted on his fair skin.

Please kind stranger,

Protect my son and give him the happiness he deserves.

—His father, Reiju.

"I know what to call you," She smiled, as she neatly hid the basket and letter. The blanket covering the baby was so big that it would last him until his teens,"Izuku, that's your name until you found out what is your real name,"


Katsuki is fascinated by the boy in front of him. His four years old mind didn't need an adult to know he is so pretty and charming. The younger boy in front of him looks like a prince from a fairy tale book.


"Zukkun!" (Katsuki will forever be mesmerized on how Zukkun's jeweled eyes would sparkled with each smile. No one was mean to Zukkun because everyone adores him. Because Zukkun is cute, and very lovable!)

Since that fateful day on that daycare, these two have been inseparable even with his Zukkun's quirklessness. Because Zukkun is smart! They're gonna be a hero duo no matter what anyone says!


All Might or better known as Toshinori Yagi has huge amount of strength, but he never know that he has a huge amount of love until he met his successor, Izuku Midoriya.

"Yagi-sensei!" Oh god, did his eyes just sparkled!?

He has a huge amount of love that is reserved to this child only.


Ochaco Uraraka thought she was goner when she was stuck in the debris.

Until a boy of her age with golden hair with white highlights and blue jeweled eyes literally smashed his way through her life.


Shota Aizawa is simple logical man. He has two job, a teacher and an underground hero. A husband and a son.

He has been expelling and re-enrolling students during his time as a teacher in UA.

But when this new batch of Class 1A came, he saw the determination in their eyes, and then he knew this batch is not like the previous ones.


Tsuyu Asui never knew pure determination and admiration until she looked at Midoriya.

Midoriya who was afraid and yet still moved his body to save their teacher and her from death.


Call Mei Hatsume crazy all you want, she won't care.

But to be able to understand her craziness and be able to follow through it?

She's gonna give you all her love and guns out if you're hurt. Because that is exactly what she is feeling for one Izuku Midoriya.

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