news for the sad broken man

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That was all he felt when he remembered.




Emotions he felt when he tries to remember the last time he has spent time or made time for his actual daughter.

The answer is none.

Because even before that thing came into their lives claiming to be his child, he never made time for her. Maybe the reason he took that thing in was for the brother he killed.


“Your Majesty,” His bossom brother, knight, called for him in a soft voice as he stared down at the damn thing and the fools who "taken care" of it. Beside the red haired knight is a magician, the magician who was irritated of the thing so he smacked him with a tree branch.

“How should I deal with you..” He muttered, as every noble who supported that thing is also kneeling down in front of him, waiting for their fates.

“Look out!” A terrified scream of a maid burst through the door as well as a thing in front of him. It is a black wolf with blue highlights.

The fools kneeling screamed and scrambled up to their feet, trying to get a way from the wolf. Felix Robane was about to come forward to kill it when the magician stopped him;

“Don't, that's a divine beast,” He said. In his peripheral vision, he could see the wretched thing perked up.

“T-that's my divine beast! See! I'm really your daughter, Father!” It exclaimed.

“Shut your mouth,” The magician's fingertip glowed red and the thing's mouth was shut. Good riddance he'll say.

“Your Majesty, that divine beast belongs to the late princess,” His eyes widen at that, before he knew it. He was kneeling in front of the beast. Because it was a fragment.

It was probably one of the remaining fragment of the child he regretfully neglected.

The first one is the maid that raised his daughter, she works at the Peridot Palace, despite not having a prince born in the imperial family anymore.

The second one is this beast.

“Sir Lucas, how could that be?” A trainee magician asked the warlock,“I thought divine beasts are supposed to disappear if its master is gone,”

His heart pound. This beast still exist.. Could it be?

“That's true,” Lucas nodded,“But there are instances where the same beast could be created if the old owner and its descendant has the same mana level,”

“Are you implying!?” Duke Robane exclaimed, the imperial faction's eyes are also widen as they realized the implications of the warlock's words.

“The late princess probably has a child of her own,” Claude's knees went weak.

A child.

His late daughter had a child.

Sea-like blue eyes scanned the room as she sighed loudly, easily gaining the attention of everyone. As the only person who actually raised the late princess, she was the only one with the answer.

Steeling herself, she told herself; the emperor has been suffering for years since Athanasia's death, he might as well know. Because she herself wishes to see her princess's son.

“The princess did have a child,” At her words, the emperor stood up with wide eyes. Gulping down her nervousness, she continued,“The late princess have a son, he was born at the same day the princess passed on,”

A prince.

They have a prince. Jennette's eyes widen. A son, her sister—no, her cousin gave birth to a son.

The actual heir to the throne, they all told themselves.

“I don't know where he is now, the prince's father has taken him away from here,” Lilian York said. The prince was the main reason she still works for the empire, working at the Peridot Palace, waiting for her princess's son to come home and reclaim what rightfully belong to his mother.

“A.. A name,” The emperor stuttered,“The child's name, what is it?”


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