peridot palace

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Izuku couldn't help but to just watch his grandfather walk away as he left Sir Robane with them.

“Peridot Palace is this way, my prince,” The red haired knight gave them a warm smile as he stepped aside to let the young prince walk first before following, the entourage not lagging behind them.

“Peridot Palace and Emerald Palace is just right near each other,” The knight spoke,“They have been the home of the imperial children for many years,”

“Then why did Mother live in the Ruby Palace?” Felix slightly flinched at that. He actually didn't know what to tell the young prince. But then again, it was Claude's fault, he has to answer this.

“This will be your residence during your stay here in Obelia,” He answered instead,“Normally, the guests would be in the Sapphire Palace, but His Majesty made an exception and placed all of you in the same palace,”

They all stopped by the entrance where they're welcomed by the servants.

“Welcome to the Peridot Palace,” They all bowed. By the very end was a teary Lilian York.


Lilian couldn't believe her eyes. Her little prince. He was finally home. She took steps towards him, and her heart warmed when the prince's eyes brightened at the sight of her.

“Lily!” Oh how that nickname did wonders to her heart. When the prince jumped into her arms, she couldn't help but to remember the princess and how she did the same. The same manner of smile, the warmth of the hug, the familiarity of the nickname. It was the same. And it hurts and it isn't at the same time.

She refuses to dwell on the sadness now. The princess, her beautiful and kind princess may be gone now, but not her child. And she will devote her life to taking care of him if she had too.

“Oh, my prince. I'm surprised that Sir Reiju told you about me,” She hugged the boy back.

“Of course! Father had nothing but good words to say about you!” He chuckled as he pulled away, and she couldn't help but to chuckle as well on how love stricken the prince's lovers,“You raised Mother after all,”

“It is my pleasure and the greatest honor to raise Princess Athanasia,” She bowed and took a step to the side and gestured to the palace,“Shall I show you around? I am the Head Maid of this Palace. Meaning I will be responsible of the wellbeing of your highness and his guests, and making sure that everything in the palace is in place to avoid any discomfort towards everyone,”

And thus the tour around the Peridot Palace starts. The little girl with the prince's teacher("please just call me Shota") is in awe of everything.

“Pardon me, are the jewels in this palace actual peridots?” The young miss, Momo, asked.

“Yes,” One of the maids, Hannah, answered,“For generations, ever since its founding. The palaces of the imperial family has actual jewels that represents each palace,”

“If we married Izuku, would we stay in the Ruby Palace?” Mirio asked.

(“We're dating with the intention of marriage?” Izuku whispered in shock to Katsuki.

“Duh, as if we're letting you go,” Katsuki snorted.)

“Ah, no,” Lilian shook her head,“The emperor made it clear that no one will touch the Ruby Palace anymore, unless it was the prince that said so. As you all know.. Ruby Palace was once Princess Athanasia's home. The emperor is a bit sensitive regarding who step foot in that palace,”

And she's sure that he's moving that wench out of her princess's palace and let her rot in the dungeons.

“Oh,” The prince started, as they arrived by the living room for a rest and the other maids prepared snacks,“I mean, unless no one touches my mom's favorite places in the Ruby Palace. I guess if everyone wants to live there...”

“Honestly?” The periwinkle haired girl started,“All the talk regarding the Ruby Palace sounds romantic! I mean that's where Izu's parents meet! It's bound to be romantic and pretty! So I won't mind living there, as long as you visit us!”

“But you do realize that it was the concubines' Palace, right?” The prince asked.

“Katsuki claimed the first spouse position,” The dual haired boy shrugged,“I claimed fifth since Uraraka has the second and Iida has third, and Asui ("call me Tsu") called forth,”

“If I may,” Lilian fake coughed, and there was a small board,“Same sex marriage among the imperial family is actually not that forbidden, just rare. But if the prince claimed the title of emperor, succeeding the current emperor. Lord Katsuki will be the Emperor Consort, Lady Ochaco is the Queen Consort, Lord Tenya is the Imperial Noble Consort, Lady Tsuyu is the Noble Consort, and Lord Shoto is the Consort, and everyone else are the Imperial Concubines,”

“Wouldn't everyone oppose it,” Ah, insecurities.

“No, everyone is taught at a young age regarding this talk,” The maid assured them, causing the majority of the harem, the males, to sigh in relief.

“We gotta get married after graduation,” Another blonde teasingly said, earning him a punch in the arm.

She smiled at them and led the prince to a room.

ᔕMIᒪE( • ͜ʖ • )

“How do you feel, Izuku?” Katsuki approached him late at night when he was out in the garden.

All of them have spent hours touring the entire palace in wonder. The palace itself was tidy, probably under Lily's watch as the Head Maid.

“It feels unreal,” Izuku answered as Katsuki approached more from behind and hugged him, Izuku leaned more into his boyfriend's touch for warmth and comfort,“I'm here.. In the place where my mother was born. I just wish she was with me, that's all,”

After dinner, Izuku had found the portrait during the time his mother was pregnant. Since he was born on the same day as she passed on, it was impossible to have a family portrait.

His parents looked so happy in the photo. It made Izuku wonder, for the first time since knowing the truth, what would his life be if his mother was never neglected by his grandfather and his father stayed here.

But he decided to shake it off, probably because if he was raised here, he would have never met his lovers.

“You might be overwhelmed,” Katsuki gave him a kiss on the forehead,“But don't worry, like we told you, we're here for you, alright?”

He turned around, and gave him a kiss on the lips,“Thank you, Kacchan,”

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