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The Undying Hope | WMMAP X MHA by libertiaxx
The Undying Hope | WMMAP X MHAby libbie
Izuku Midoriya, it wasn't his real name, that he knew. Inko Midoriya adopted him when he was left in her doorstep. But what he doesn't know until the battle of Kamino, h...
Manhwa Angst by libertiaxx
Manhwa Angstby libbie
one-shots of angst from different manhwas :> (tags will be added as i upload) also in ao3 under the account: omniseggsual
Querencia | WMMAP by ryeesan
Querencia | WMMAPby ryeesan
In a world where money is equal to power, the Obelia family is at the top of it. Athanasia, the rightful heir of the family, gets kidnapped after a rumor of her being sp...
Who Made Me A Prince? by Aisbored
Who Made Me A Prince?by Aisbored
He is awoken in the middle of the night by her screams. Diana's body is curled around him, her hands clutch at her swollen stomach. The pains are becoming worse. The pre...
The Heir Who Lived | HP x WMMAP by libertiaxx
The Heir Who Lived | HP x WMMAPby libbie
James fell in love with a "muggle" woman he met during one of their trips to muggle London. She was kind, smart, and beautiful. And she was actually a witch li...