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"Just a few more push, love! You can do it!" A white haired man encourage his blonde haired lover to push through her labor in the dark and dirty jail cell of the palace of Obelia.

It was a race against time. Because the love of his life is about to be executed the same day their child is born. For once, he was powerless. He, All for One, Japan's Symbol of Unity, Symbol of Fear, was powerless.

A few more push, a child's cry echoes the cell. The only one in this room was him, his lover, and her nanny. And now, their son.

"He looks like the both of you, Princess," The nanny, Lilian York, has tears on her eyes as she gave their son to his lover. This godforsaken empire's second rightful heir forgotten princess, Athanasia de Alger Obelia.

"Reiju look at him.." Athanasia let out tears as she caressed the cheek of their newborn son.

"He is indeed a carbon copy of us, my love," He kissed her temple as they both admire their son.

It happened too fast, as soon as he got their son in his arms. Knights appeared and dragged her off. He wanted to interfere, but Athanasia glared at him telling him with her eyes that he shouldn't and just protect the fruit of their love.

The next thing he knew, he was within he crowd, carrying his son, as he silently cries as the people of Obelia cheers as the "wicked jealous princess" is about to be executed.

That's not true.. His hidden emotional side cried, as the noose is on her pale neck. His lover was weak from giving birth, she couldn't fight back.

Their eyes meet and tears fell on her pale cheeks. She mouthed the words she always tell him; I love you.

He mouthed back; I love you as well.

With a last smile directed to the both of them, the floor parted and she was hanged to her death.

The little fairy he has fallen in love with has passed on. Leaving him and their son. A glare was given to her father and so-called sister(that sonuvabitch). He teleported himself in the Ruby Palace and took the blanket she loved so much, and wrapped his son with it after cleaning him. Taking the grandest basket he could find, he went back to Japan after three years of absence.

He was about to go back to his base when he realizes that t he place is too dangerous for their son. With a heavy heart and a promise to protect, he left him in front of a doorstep with a short letter and his name.

With one final kiss on his son's forehead, and one last hug, he disappeared into the night.

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