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"be safe okay!" Present Mic reminded his husband and kids to be safe as they cross a different dimension.

It has been a month since the Shie Hassaikai Raid, and Izuku has made the decision to go to the empire to get some answers.

Time to meet Claude de Alger Obelia.


"I did you so wrong for no reason, huh," Claude dryly chuckled as he kneeled in front of a gravestone.

Athanasia de Alger Obelia
July 15 XXXX — July 15 XXXX

On the grave was a small picture of his late daughter, a polaroid film from what Athanasia's nanny said, she was about seventeen, she was smiling brightly.

It had taken a while, but they finally put her body in the imperial grave to rest. With a heavy heart and a lot of regret, Claude was the only one who did it, he insisted. Because it was the only thing he could do for her.

He could have cherished her until today but he didn't. He chose to be an idiot and left the child Diana left behind. It was foolish for his part, he shouldn't have succumbed to the pain of losing Diana, he should have made sure to give their only child all the love she should have from him.

But instead he welcomed his brother's wrench and led his daughter to her demise.

To the light of the new discovery of his grandson, he had to make sure that the Peridot Palace was open to him. He has to make sure that Elpidius would get what was rightfully his mother's.

If he ever comes that is.

He was torn when he found out that the man who made his daughter so happy and conceived a child with her was a bad man. A villain. But then again, so was he to her.

He had to set aside that fact because this Reiju was there to make Athanasia happy when he couldn't.

So he watched his grandson's progress ever since he found out about him.

He was happy when he saw that his grandson has a lot of people that care about him. A polygamy huh? He could allow that.

He was in horror when he watch his grandson fight others in this so-called Provisional License Exam. He wanted to puke on how much scars he has on his young body, was it his "quirk"? Was it making his body self-destruct?

Then the horror he felt when he was fighting a man called "Overhaul" was something he never felt. His grandson has a little girl on his back as he fight that behemoth of a man in the sky.

But he was proud? His grandson is strong. So strong. Claude knew Elpidius doesn't need his protection, but he wanted to give him the love he wasn't able to give Athanasia when she was alive.

His grandson cries at the thought or any reminded of his parents. From food to physical remembrance.

He wonders what would he say or do when he finally meet his grandson.


"Woah.." The group were in awe as they finally arrived in Obelia. Since Izuku wasn't familiar or any of them for that matter. They had to ask around where was the capital.

Now, they're gonna ask around to know where was the palace. Izuku approached a knight(?) with red hair.

Tapping on the man's back.

"Excuse me, sir?" The knight turned around, and when blue jeweled eyes met the light grey eyes the latter's eyes widen in shock.

"Uhm.. My group and I wonder if you know where the palace is.. You see.. We're not from here and—"

"Your Highness?" The man cut him off,"Prince Elpidius?"

Izuku beamed when the kind man recognized him. Was he perhaps his mother's subordinate?

"You know me?" He sighed in relief,"Thank goodness,"

"W-where is your group my prince?" The knight asked,"Ah! Where are my manners?!"

The man bowed to him in a way a knight down,"Blessings and Glory upon the star of the Obelian Empire, my name is Felix Robane. I work under your grandfather,"

His eyes widen slightly who knew that of all people he would have encountered, it was his grandfather's guard!

"I see," He smiled at the man,"You already know my name, but I wanna introduce myself. I'm Elpidius de Alger Obelia, but you can call me Izuku,"


After pointing Felix to the direction of the inn his lovers, teacher, and Eri-chan is staying. Felix told him to stay in the inn as he get carriages for all of 30 of them.

"Who was that Zukkun," Kacchan asked from behind as he see Felix off.

"Felix Robane, he's—"

"The Emperor's Royal Guard," Shoto's voice answered, he looked around and saw all of them in the one big room they rented.

"He was also called as the Knight of Crimson Blood!" Momo added as she ate some of the grapes in the table.

"Oh," He said then told them,"He said that he'll prepare carriages for us,"

"What's a carriage?" Eri asked Aizawa.

"It's like a car but horses pull them," The man answered.



It wasn't long until Sir Robane came back with five large carriages. The others with him were nervous? Excited? As their eyes landed on him.

"Blessings and Glory upon the star of the Obelian Empire," All of them bowed, getting the attention of the on lookers. They just elected to ignore it.

Carriage One: Izuku, Katsuki, Ochaco, Aizawa, Hitoshi, Shoto(Eri is in Aizawa's lap)

Carriage Two: Toru, Tenya, Tsuyu, Momo, Kyoka, Yuga

Carriage Three: Eijiro, Denki, Hanta, Mina, Tetsutetsu, Tokage

Carriage Four: Neito, Itsuka, Ibara, Fumikage, Mezo

Carriage Five: Mashirao, Rikido, Koji, Mirio, Tamaki, Nejire

After getting all they need, they all started to go to the imperial palace.

"Wah~" Eri was marveled at the carriage and the scenery, she looked at him,"Deku-san! Deku-san!"

"I know!" He grinned at the little girl, and leaned on Kacchan,"It is admittedly pretty!"

"Mhm!" Her red eyes shimmered in happiness as she take in the sight.

Closing his eyes he wonders, what would he say and do to his grandfather.

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