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After that heartwarming scene, Claude never let Izuku out of his side nor his sight. Dismissing the noble faction, who were all very excited to be on the good side of the Prince, he and Felix toured the young prince and his companion around the palace.

With all the intention of avoiding the Ruby Palace where the wench is in. He might move her to the dungeons and give that palace as a memoire of Athanasia.

“Mom loves roses,” Izuku offhandedly commented as they come across a rose garden few blocks away from the Ruby Palace,“Dad told me so,”

“Did your father raised you?” He asked. He was curious about the man that made his late daughter happy until her last moments. Something he was never be able to do. Not that he had any right.

“No,” He softly muttered,“Father left me in front of a doorstep to avoid me getting involve with his "work". Did Lilian ever told you what it is?”

“She did,” Claude softly answered,“She told me enough about Reiju,”

Reiju was a very bad man. A man that killed people for one power. Did he care? Now, no. He made Athanasia happy before he sent her off to her death.

He made her smile one last time before being by the side of her mother.

He wonders ever since remembering how bright and big was Athanasia's smile until the end. Was it as bright as Elpidius? Or was it even brighter?

He could remember the times her eyes shines when she looked at him ever since she was nine. But it dulled the moment he welcomed that wench.

His grandson's lovers freely took a stroll, leaving him and Elpidius alone.

“You know.. I really didn't have any plans to be here,” He flinched when Elpidius bluntly told him so,“But mother told me you have an explanation for it that's why I came here,”

Claude looked at him, the eyes they both share, the very evident that this child is his blood, looked at him with complicated emotions.

This child wanted the truth.

Why he abandoned his mother..

But why.. Why did Athanasia told him that? Wasn't she suppose to resent him? He threw her away like he did with Diana when she chose her instead of him.

Taking a deep breath, he nodded,“I will, after you get accustomed here,”

Turning to Felix,“Take the prince and his group to the peridot palace,”

Athanasia... What am I suppose to do?

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