Homicidal Liu!

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Bold: Sully

~~How You Meet~~

You were walking home from school, full of bruises and a bloody nose due to the bullies. Just like usual since you had loved creepy stuff apparently that was 'uncool'. You had been on your street looking down at your phone when you bumped into someone.

"Oh sorry I didn't see you there." You said quietly looking up at the man. He had a stitched face and a striped scarf around his mouth.

"Oh umm... don't worry about it..." He said looking up and down at you.

"Something wrong?" you asked.

"Um. No sorry, about that." You said and quickly started walking away. You felt his gaze on you and you walked faster. At home you quickly showered, ate, and did all that other important stuff in order to live and it was about 9:30. You were heading off to bed but you felt as if you were being watched. Ignoring the feeling you turned around towards the window where you saw someone with a Chelsea smile looking at you. He broke your window and charged at you. Once he grabbed you, you struggled to get the knife away from your face. That's when you finally got out of his grip due to someone attacking him. You caught your breathe and took the knife the man dropped. You looked at the man who saved you and it was the guy from this afternoon.

"You...." You whispered. The guy looked at you,

"Liu." he said and dragged the killer out of your house.

~~Besties + His POV~~ (Liu's POV)

____ and I have become great friends, surprisingly. She hasn't judged my stitches or me because of my brother. But she doesn't know about Sully and its hard to control him. I want her to like me, not Sully, or dislike me because of him. She had invited me to her house to hang out, Sully was excited since he liked her but I wasn't. He could ruin everything... I was heading over to ____'s house having a mental conversation with Sully.

"Can I At Least Say Hi?"

"No. You can't mess anything up..."



That's when I got to ____'s house, I think we were going to watch a movie or something like that. I knocked on the door where ___ answered it. They had been in lounge clothes not caring about what they looked like which I found sexy. Wait what? Sexy? Did I really just think that? Yes you did! You like ____! 

"Hello? Earth to Liu!" ___ said waving a hand in from of me. I snapped out of my trance and we headed to her room. She already had the popcorn out on her bed. She was lying down on her side. I stood there awkwardly, normally I would lie down beside her but it felt weird to me today. (Your POV)

Liu wouldn't lie down next to me he just stood there awkwardly. Sully took over and did it for him though. He wrapped and arm around you like usual but he seemed stiff. Little did you know his heart was beating FAST. He nestled his face in your hair which you didn't notice. When the movie was over, you turned around to find him asleep. ADORABLE! You poked him which made him wake up. He rubbed his eyes and noticed he fell asleep on you.

"Sorry!" He said still facing you. You smiled which made him blush,

"Soooo _____, I wanna know if you like- picnics!" His voice went from low to a higher pitch. This was weird.

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