You/He Tries To Teach You/Him Something!

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Slender the idea to make a cake for Jeff's birthday. He wanted to teach you how to make the perfect cake. But let's be honest here, you weren't so experienced with this type of thing. You arrived at the Mansion where Slender said he would teach you, and that also the others Pastas were keeping Jeff busy. You had just arrived and Slender answered the door,

"Why, Hello Darling, I'm glad you could make it." He said formally.

"Don't talk so formal it's annoying." You joked. He chuckled and lead you to the kitchen.

"Well first things first, we must prep the kitchen! Here is a list for you to find and bring back." Slender handed you a note with all the ingredients/supplies written on it. As you were looking over the ingredients you found one to be confusing.

"Slender! What does a (Insert Complicated Cooking Object) do?!" You asked him.

"Just find the things I'll tell you later." He said before returning to reading his book. He was letting you do all the work. Great. You soon found all the ingredients/supplies and returned back to him where he then told you to out on an apron. You put it on and waited for Slender in the kitchen. He soon came out with a bright pink, floral apron. You laughed at him and he just looked at you annoyed.

"I wouldn't have to where this if you didn't take the black one." He said before showing you how to mix ingredients and such.

"___! You can't just guess the amounts!" He complained.

"I ain't about that measuring life." You stated before dumping an estimate of 1/4 of a cup of sugar into the bowl. The cake ended up being terrible thanks to you. Slender also ended up making a new one and lieing to you that you did great.

~~Jeff The Killer~~

You had volunteered at a kids school to teach art. You also thought Jeff needs to be artistic with things so you dragged him along with you. He wasn't very excited until you told him that you were teacher. You were walking along the sidewalk to the school when you asked,

"Are you excited? You don't seem it."

"Yeah. I guess." He said looking down at his white hoodie.

"Don't scary the children by the way. It's just makeup remember." You told him.

"But I'm just naturally perfect... I don't need makeup to be this #Flawless." He remarked. You gave him a look. You reached the school and started right away. Jeff sat in one of the elementary school desks muttering,

"How am I supposed to fit my legs under here?!" You ignored him and kept getting ready. When the class came they were afraid of Jeff but you told them it was all makeup. You started off by making hand turkeys.

"And then your done!" You exclaimed and all the kids were happy with their project. You had all of them show you their project. Jeff was next and he came up with his turkey..... It was dead. He made a dead turkey with stab wounds!

"Jeff!" You exclaimed.

"Your the one who told me to be artistic." He said grinning at you. You shooed him away so the kids wouldn't catch on.

~~Laughing Jack~~

Jack wanted to teach you how to lure and poison kids. Yay. You weren't the happiest person but at least you got to spend time with him. He had come over your house to show you what candies to use and how to get the kids to come to you. He had laid his candy out on your kitchen counter

"Use this to choke them. This one makes there tongue dissolve. It's so satisfying hearing them scream.." He started to explain and a smile grew on his face.

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