He Gets Jealous

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        Slender had been working a lot lately, and you were lonely. So you would call up Jeff, your best friend.  You didn't know but Slender had always been watching while Jeff was at your house. He trusted you always but jealousy overcame him so many times. He knew you and Jeff wern't a thing, and he wanted to respect who you chose to hang out with. Today it was your turn to go over Jeff's house/Mansion.  You were walking over and you saw Slender out of the corner of your eye, but ignored him once you saw him yelling at Hoodie. When you got there Jeff opened the door happily.

        "___! Yay your here! I have a sick horror movie to watch!" Jeff greeted you. He lead you to his room but once you were about to walk in a arm held you back.

        "___ has plans today." A voice (obviously Slenders) said. You already knew it was Slendy.

        "Slendy.....___ said she's hang out with me." Jeff whined.

        "Yeah well your not her boyfriend" Slendy said before teleported you both into his office. He stood there awkwardly waiting for you to say something.

        "Slendy.......are you jealous?" You asked smirking.

        "What?! No! Why would I be jealous?!" Slendy went on and on about useless crap. You cut him off by kissing him.

        "Slendy.... you can't lie to me I know you were jealous." You said. You started to sit down in one his mini couches in his office. You sang 'Slendy's Jelly' in your head.

        "No! I'm! Not!" He whined sitting next to you. The rest of the day you both were in his forest.

        ~~Jeff The Killer~~

        Apparently Jeff had been punished by Slender because he had murdered one of the victims that Slender need to interrogate. So Jeff couldn't have any contact with you, or leave his room. But surprisingly you had grown fond to Ben. You liked playing video games, but playing with someone else was a lot better. Today Ben was going over your house, he said to turn on your console whenever you were ready. You had turned on your Xbox One and had texted him saying you were ready. When Ben came through your TV so did Jeff.

        "___.... You didn't forget about me right...." Jeff said sitting on a chair diagonal from you. But you didn't pay attention to the outside world, only what was on your screen.
 Jeff waited for your answered but  couldn't take it anymore when you high fived Ben.

        "___! Were leaving!" Jeff yelled, grabbing your hand and dragging you out of the house.

        "Jeff! I was playing a game!" You said angrily.

        "But... you've forgotten about me...you didn't even say hi to me, or answer my question..." Jeff sighed.

        "Jeff. There is no need to be jelly, like how obviously are right now. I only like you, ok?" You said hugging him he hugged you back. You saw Slender walking over to you guys.

        "Jeff! Run!" You yelled grabbing his hand running away into your house.

~~Laughing Jack~~

        You had been hanging out with EJ due to LJ being sick. Slender ordered you both to stay away from each other until LJ gets better. So you figured that EJ would be like LJ but you were wrong. He.Ate.Kidneys.

        "___! Come at some kidneys with me." EJ smirked under his mask.

        "EJ I said no I'm not eating kidneys." You said. He had been trying to get you to eat them all day.

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