First Kiss!

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You and Slender had been dating for about a week. And he still hasn't made the first move. You were getting anxious, maybe you wern't good enough... You were in his woods, sketching out the scenery. You balanced yourself on a thick branch. You waited for Slender. You felt tendrils cover your eyes.

"Guess Who..." He said. You obviously knew it was Slender.

"Jake?" You teased.

"Whose Jake.....?" Slender asked suspiciously. You chuckled and hugged Slender.

"Nobody. Just messing with you." You informed him. He nodded and removed you from the branch. He sat on the branch you were on and lifted you onto his lap.

"So how's my Darling doing?" He asked looked over your shoulder to see your sketch.

"Normal. I Guess. You?" You asked.

"Just a little anxious..." He said in a low tone.

"What?" You asked.

"Nothing you'll find out..." He informed. You turned around in confusion. To feel his lips on yours. (A/N: Lets Just Pretend He Has Lips.) You happily kissed back. When you two pulled away, Slender's 'face' was bright red. You laughed and hugged him. He hugged you back. You hung out at that tree all day, talking and having fun.

~~Jeff The Killer~~

You and Jeff had been getting along great. You loved dating him, but he would always chicken out on kissing you. He would always move closer and closer, and tell you, that there was an eyelash on your cheek. Like you would believe that.. Today you were hanging out with him in some old abandoned house. 

        "Jeff, I don't like this." You said.

        "Please! ____! This is my favorite spot to be alone. And I want to share it with you..." He pleaded. You nodded and he sat down on a chair across from you.

        "Look. Can you please try and have fun with me..?" He asked.

        "Fine. Just please don't do anything that'll scare me.." You said. He nodded and you guys talked about random stuff. You learned that Jeff was scared of snakes.

        "So snakes huh? Maybe I'll tell Ben... He would just love that..." You teased.

        "You wouldn't dare..." Jeff said getting up from his seat. You started to run for the door, when he grabbed your wrist. He pinned you up against a wall.

        "Jeff...." You whispered.

        "Yeah?" His raspy voice answered.

        "Are you scared that-" You were cut off by his lips crashing into yours. You kissed back. You two separated, his hand cupping your cheek.

        "Your welcome, Mr.Perfect doesn't kiss just anyone." He joked. You giggled at his remark. But in the end, you told Ben that he was scared of snakes.....oops.

 ~~Laughing Jack~~

        You and L.J had been happily dating. But he hasn't made the first move! And you can't just go up to him and kiss him, that's be embarrassing. You were hanging out at his carnival, eating candy.

        "Jack! Can we go on that ride?!" You smirked, pointing at even a bigger ride than last time. He glanced at you worriedly.

        "Awh. Is Jacky Wacky being a baby?" You teased.       

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