You Scare/Prank Him!

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((A/N: Non Of The Creepypasta's Hold Grudges On You For Doing This))


        Since Slender had scared you, you thought it was only right for you to scare him back. Even though it was accidental, you still needed to get him back. You also happened to stumble along the fact he was terrified of spiders, thanks to Jeff, who was your best friend out of the creepypastas..This was a perfect way to get back at him. Your plan was to go to his mansion at night, get a ton of spiders, and set them free in his room!  Yay! You would also set up some holographic image of you slowly being eaten by spiders! You knew it was a bit overboard,I mean he accidentally scared you, but you wanted to have some fun. It was the night to finally prank Slender, you had bought about 11 bags of those tiny spiders, and 5 tarantulas. You happily walked through the woods to his mansion. It was around 1am when you arrived, Jeff had answered the door. Surprisingly you and Jeff were best friends.

        "And if it isn't ___... Anyway if you need help I will happily help. Slendy tried assigning me some extra 'work'..." He chuckled letting you in. He showed you where Slenders room was. You had set up the holographic image of you screaming and being eaten by spiders, also pouring some blood EJ had given you onto the floor. You planned to hide in the closet. You let the spiders go, running into his closet. Peeking through the crack, you watched. Slender had woken up to your virtual screaming.

        "____?!" He sat up in his bed and 'looked' around. He saw the spiders and screamed. He then looked around to find 'you' being eaten by spiders. Holding in your laugh you watched eagerly.

        "___! No! Darling!" He screamed being careful not to let spiders get to him. You saw him surprisingly, hide under the covers, and sob. You laughed so hard knowing Slender was hiding under the blankets, crying like a 5 year old. 

        "Slendy.." You said getting out of his closet. He peaked his head out and saw you. 

        "____!" He said about to get off his bed, but recoiled seeing the spiders crawling around. You walked over and hugged him, laughing hysterically. He gave you a lecture saying that this wasn't funny, and how he would never do such a thing to you. Even though you may have gone was still funny! Slender made you get rid of the spiders, and ended up sleeping on YOUR couch in YOUR house, because he was afraid they laid eggs in his room. 

~~Jeff The Killer~~

        Jeff had accidentally scared you by pretending to be some sort of stalker. But after the movie he said sorry and he didn't mean to, you found his phone and him and Ben were texting about how to scare you and not take it to far. This got you angry and thinking about how to prank him. You thought if you faked your death or came home with tons of snakes, he would freak out. Not knowing what to do you called Sally, you promised you would play with her so you asked if she would help you. She came over, brought by Slender, and asked what you guys were going to do. You gave her the options and she decided on the death one!

        Typical since she's living with killers.. She had come up with a whole plan, which freaked you out. Basically to get some fake blood and pour everywhere in your room, including you, and have her holding a 'bloody' knife.  You laughed and got the supplies you needed. Jeff was coming over later to check up on you and watch a movie. You didn't have much time, so you and Sally worked hard together, splattering the 'blood' one the walls. You covered Sally and then she covered you, concentrating on your stomach area.

        "Yay! ___! I won't let you down!" Sally exclaimed. 

        "He should be here soon, lets just wait." You said. About 10 minutes later, he opened you door. 

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