Doctor Smiley! (New Character)

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~~Doctor Smiley~~

        When You Meet:
        (BFF/N) Is Best friends Name)

        Your best friend needed surgery for her knee badly. But she didn't have the money, and you couldn't help, since you were kicked out of your house at the age of 16. Your best friend had been struggling with her own bills, she was also kicked out. You were walking down the street thinking of what you could do to help her. You were in a daze until you saw a poster on an electrical pole. You looked at it to see surgeries were being 'efficiently' preformed at someones house, and it was rather cheap compared to normal prices. You took the poster down and walked over to your best friends house. After telling her about the poster she figured that would be the only way to do it.

        "Thank you so much, ___! I'll schedule an appointment. You'll come to right? I don't know where this street is..." (BFF/N) said as she looked at you. You nodded happily and you spent the night. The next day your Bff scheduled an appointment and they could take her today. You got ready, borrowing some of her clothes. You walked her to the house the surgery was being preformed at. You knocked at the door and a man with medium black hair with bangs answered the door.

        "Hello...." His deep voice said.

        "Hi! Are you going to be preforming the surgery?" Your (BFF/N) asked.

        "Oh course. The surgery will be preformed inside... Come on in..." He said as he welcomed you into the house. You felt uneasy looking at the blood covered couch.

        "Emergency surgeries.." He said, noticing you staring. You nodded and backed up into a wall. You wanted to leave, fast.

        "Whats the rush? Don't want to see your best friends surgery?" He asked.

        "___ it's fine!" (BFF/N) said. You nodded, you didn't want to hurt (BFF/N)'s feelings.

        "Sit on the couch while I get ready..." The doctor said. You looked around to find a wall, written in blood was 'Doctor Smiley'.

        "Im ready.." Doctor Smiley said as he came out with some surgical tools. He picked one up and quickly jammed it inside of (BBF/N). She screeched in pain. You watched as you ran for the door. But Doctor Smiley was to fast and grabbed your wrist.

        "I'll see you later..___" he said as he let go of your wrist and continued to stab (BFF/N).

        ~His POV + Besties~

        I have been hanging out with ___ ever since the incident. She was scared of me at first but she eventually started to be comfortable around me. We would hang out at the Mansion a lot. I was walking to meet ____ at her house to bring her to the Mansion. Once I got there we started to walk back to the mansion, I know it was a waste of time going out and going all the way back. But I wanted to spend as much time as I could with ____. She made me feel normal..not a psychotic killer. While we were walking back she decided to play a game.
        "Tag! Your it!" She yelled playfully as she tapped my shoulder. Her touch made my face flush a light pink.
        "I'm not doing this!" I yelled. She came back and I told her I didn't have the energy....but I knew if she touched me again Id be obvious i liked her... (YourPOV)
Dr.Smiley isn't any fun...he didn't want to play tag when you were walking to the Mansion. You wondered why until you reached the Mansion.
        "Hey guys! _____ in the house!!!" You yelled throughout the house. Ben ran down the stairs to greet you.
        "____! Can you play video games with me?" Ben asked.
        "Sure what are we-" you got caught off by Smiley,
        "____ and I will be hanging out in my room alone." You looked at Smiley confused. He went upstairs and you followed, whispering "Sorry" to Ben. You headed upstairs into Smiley's room. You looked around and your eyes locked onto a cardboard box that said 'Do Not Open'
        "Smiley what's this?" You asked approaching the box.

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