He is back

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After 65 YEARS of not speaking about him I told my new besties and my Bros where I was for the last hundred years, how I met the love of my life got married to him (of course my brothers went crazy because they don't know him and that they weren't invited to the wedding, the number of times they said omg its so unfair must of been around 60) Matty is more of a girl than I thought because he squealed
"omg you will like have the ring can can we see it eeeee"
he than coughed and said "um uh I mean can we see the ring",
I laughed and said "let me get it".

I ran up to my room and bawled my eyes out because thinking of it still breaks me but I cant be like this so I wiped away tears and pretended to grab the ring than ran back downstairs hoping that my eyes weren't red or puffy or worse both.

I went back down and Steffie said "have you been crying"
and I prayed that this lie was believable "no what are you talking about heh heh",
Daymo narrowed his eyes and said "you have always been a terrible liar, everyone if you are assuming that Aria is lying her nostrils flare and her cheeks go bright red"
"oh no I do not"

Care thought that this was the perfect time to say "um you just did twice",
"DAMON why did you tell them that" "um because they should know",

"ahh God Damon why don't you tell them that when you were 10 you ran around with NO underwear and when Steffie was 3 ran around with you because they should know that", "Ooooohh double burn" Lena, Care and Bon Bon said,

Damon than said rudely "you did too when you were 7"
"pulease I was wearing a dress, I mean I have pictures if you want me to get them out".

I went around for what do they call it oh yeah high fives. Then Matty pretending to be Care lifted his voice up an octave and said
"what about that ring eh"
"A" I replied "Matty we all know that was you and B this is it" I said as I shyly showed them my ring.

Ohhs and ahhs came from the girls and damns came from the boys and "your wedding must have been wonderful with a fancy cake",

'why weren't we invited it so unfair humph' from the girliest girl of them all Daymo.

All of a sudden Steffie looked down on his phone and said Elijah just texted Klaus is here, I paled and spoke quickly 'I need to put this back then you can tell me who Ni I mean Klaus is OK'.

I vamp sped back upstairs while having a very very silent panic attack it would have been a bit louder if there weren't at least 500 vampires downstairs, I heard the door open or close I was hoping that someone left but when I sped back down I saw my old bestie E and his BACKSTABBING LYING BROTHER (aka my ex-husband).

I froze then continue vamp speeding down I shot a look at E saying shh I hope then secretly glared at Niklaus, I then said "brothers I didn't know we had company, who are these people in our living room or should I say dead room",

"well A this is Elijah, Elijah this is Aria" "lovely to meet you Aria" and lent down to kiss my hand "pleasure is all mine Elijah" I replied and

"A this is jerk face, jerk face meet Aria"
"Aria what a beautiful name" my brothers were behind me so I happily took this chance to glare at Niklaus while he lent down to kiss my hand I took this chance to say
"Jerkface you must have had creative parents" he chuckled an I took my hand away and put a fake smile on.

I knew exactly what he was here for so I steps in front of Elena to protect her, he then spoke 'I'm not here for the girl, my brother and I just want dinner with Stefan and Aria' Damon being Damon complained 'what about me OWWW' Stefan just elbowed Damon while I'm laughing hysterically 'that will be all' E said, they then left  

 My phone started going off the hook and I looked at the phone caller and told my brothers I needed to pick it up and that I would be in the woods (so they couldn't listen in and so I could catch up with E).

"Hello" I answered
"oh Aria you are terrible at answering the phone"
"oh Richard you are so nice saying hello" "well hello I have a gig for you I know you will have songs to sing"
"of course I will sing Ghost by Katy Perry and Leave my heart out of this by yours truly"
"Oh sweetie you know I love that song and I cannot wait to hear your new song"
"mwah mwah bye" I hung up as E had got here with a stake in his hand.

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Leave my heart out of this is not by me I do not own any of the songs in this or anyone but Aria in characters that was all L.J Smith and Julie Plec

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