New Beginnings

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"don't you know its rude to interrupt people who are obviously looking for some peace and quiet?" I snap in response without looking up, returning to my book in hopes they take a hint. 

"well, isn't someone cranky today?" he drawled back, his British accent becoming more apparent. I quickly realised that this man was going to be harder to get rid of than most and slammed my book shut and slapped it on the bench next to me, scowling I look up at the man and take him by surprise when I use my vampire speed to slam him into the nearest tree;

"If a woman does not want to talk to you and makes it apparent- you should take a hint and not insult her because your poor feelings are hurt" I mock frowned at him, releasing him from the tree, I brush myself off and go to pick up my book before a blast of wind surrounds me and I found myself pushed up against the tree this time, a hand around my throat.

"YOU CANNOT TALK TO M-" he cuts off abruptly, removing his hand from my throat as I take in deep breaths of air and start to rub my throat, and then he does the weirdest thing... strokes my face with his hand, "have you been crying?". I slap his hand away before realising the proximity of our position, where his body was pressing mine into the tree and his blue- blue eyes were studying my face. 

"NIKlaus... am I interrupting something?" a voice starts to yell and then trails off as she notices me. 

"Rebekah, bloody hell you have the worst timing" he replies without turning around

"Niklaus, we still need to... oh Niklaus let the poor girl go, we just got here", taking Niklaus's?  distraction as an opportunity, I speed away, hopefully leaving the weird British vampires behind. 

Obviously, the hopes of leaving the British vampires behind me did not work in a town as small as New Orleans , where I ran into the girl one day when I was shopping;

"You're the girl who my brother had pushed up against a tree last week" a British voice came from behind me, hoping if I ignore her and pick up the pace she would take the hint but instead she matches my pace and continues talking,

"Oh don't be like that Niklaus is an ass, but I'm nothing like him- in fact you should take pity on me for having a Niklaus as my brother" at that I turned to face her grinning 

"Brothers right?" realising that I responded she smiled widely

"and I am the only girl, imagine my pain. I am Rebekah by the way, Rebekah Mikaelson" she thrust her hand out in front of her

"Mikaelson?" I stutter as a questioning look overcomes her face, knowing I had to salvage this before she gets suspicious I quickly say "Aria, Aria Salvatore, but I don't shake hands I hug" and with that I pulled her into a hug, knowing that without knowing Kat we probably would have gotten on well. 

Despite being mistrusting of the Mikaelsons at first, they eventually started to make their way into my heart- yes even Niklaus. Rebekah and I formed a tight bond quickly, as she would not leave me alone and took me everywhere with her, eventually forcing me to move into the Mikaelson Manor. Which is where I properly met Elijah, and boy when I tell you that I missed having an older brother figure, I mean it, Lijah quickly stepped into that role for me and became my shoulder to cry on when I woke up from nightmares and had any sort of issue.

Which I guess leads me to Niklaus and yikes... I did not like him after our initial encounter, after moving into the Mikaelson Manor though his attempts to talk to me became more frequent and harder to ignore. Despite it taking 1 long year for him to become a proper figure in my life, once he entered, I knew he wasn't leaving. He became super protective of me, more than he was of Bekah and when another man would look at me when we were out he would glare at them until they looked away. Which I guess is why when he asked to start dating me, I wasn't surprised, and despite our rocky start, I agreed. We spent the next two years in a haze of love and lust and Bekah would always tell us how disgusting we were. Which is when I overheard a conversation between Nik and Bekah in 1922, I was heartbroken...

I raised my hand to knock to enter into Nik's room, holding tightly onto the bouquet of flowers I bought for him, because my man deserved them, when I overheard Nik and Bekah talking;

"but Nik, I get why you asked me and Lijah to befriend Aria at the beginning, but now- now she is my sister and I will not let you do this"

"DO THIS? LET ME DO THIS?" he growled out "I need to find Katherine, Rebekah, and Aria" he faltered "Aria is one of her friends and my best chance of finding her" 

"don't you love her enough to let this go. Nik just be with her"

"Love makes you weak Rebekah and I will never be weak" and with those words, I dropped the flowers and with tears running down my face, I packed my bags, leaving everything he ever gave me, except for the promise ring and left without a goodbye. 

I wear the promise ring attached to a chain around my neck to remind myself that I have loved, lost and will NEVER go through that pain again. After leaving New Orleans, I decide that its time to travel the world, and I visit Europe and spend the next 90 years there, trying to heal my heart by emerging myself into the cultures. This leads me to today, when I am celebrating my 100 and something birthday. I have heard rumours from my connections across the world now, but specifically from Mystic Falls that my brothers are living together, and for the first time since I died I allow myself to hope that we may become a family once more. 

I hesitantly walk up to the boarding house and look inside and am instantly reminded of my childhood, of being teased by my brothers, playing outside in the mud and climbing trees. As I slowly shake my head to remove these memories I look inside once more and observe the large group of people and see my brother's looking sad and talking, I listen in and hear Stefan saying;

"Aria was our younger sister and today's her birthday, the day we were turned, she was killed. But she was the backbone of our family and" he stops talking, finding it too hard to continue

"But I was obviously her favourite brother" Damon brags as Stefan regains his composure to elbow him in the stomach muttering something like "yeah okayyyyy".

I decide it is time to make my appearance and nervously pull the door open, watching as all eyes fly to me, "wow with the vibe in this room you'd think someone had died" within seconds I felt two bodies hit me, and embrace me into a hug. 

Damo and Steffie said "we missed you so much, how are you here? how are you alive" and "you stupid little girl for running away", you can guess who said what and while we are having our moment a voice interrupts us; 

"DAMON" said a random brunette who looks exactly the same as Katherine and had a more whiny voice 

"so I'm guessing that is the knockoff Katherine but who are the rest Steffie" I questioned, of course, Damon complained "why not me", 

"because you are incapable of friends Damo", in which one of the girls on the couch responds "she's not wrong" 

Everyone went around and introduced themselves, there was Bonnie, the witch, Caroline, the vampire (courtesy of Kat), Matt, the human, Tyler, the wolf, Elena, the doppelganger, Alaric, the teacher and Jeremy, the doppelgangers brother. 

"Well not that I don't want to spend time with y'all but I have a shitload of stuff and no where to put it" 

"ARIA" I faced Damon, "you swear now?" 

"DAMON" I pause for dramatic effect "I'm over 100 years old, I do what the fuck I want" 

He groaned in response and dragged me up the stairs, while Stefan followed, leaving the scooby gang downstairs, pushing me forwards into a room which was obviously modelled for a girl they sheepishly smile at me, "we always hoped you were alive when no one could find your body so we had this fixed up for you in case you ever came home" Stefan answered the unasked question. 

"Thank you, I love it" and with those words, they pull me into another hug and I mutter "here's to new beginnings". 

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