Everyone Thinks Im Emotionless

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"Hey E I hope that is not for me" I chuckled nervously 

"You know my brother Aria, he would never lay a hand on you" Niklaus appeared out of nowhere

"Aria you need to tell us everything otherwise my brother will stab and torture you" Elijah decided to pipe up

"E why are you doing this I mean you were so noble I mean I don't have to ask Niklaus why but I do need to ask you"

"Well you know how when you get older you can't turn your humanity off we are lucky that you can"

"Why, what do you want me to do" I responded a tad fed up

"You have to come with us with no humanity"

"But why are you doing this" I turned to Elijah

"Nik is giving me something I need"

"Enough stalling love turn it off and come with us" Klaus butted in 

"You promise not to hurt my brothers and friends"

"Yes love we are on a tight time frame quick sticks"

I closed my eyes and pretended to turn it off and when I opened my eyes I tried to put an emotionless look on with an evil smirk, and said "what's the plan" and chuckled evilly,
Nik took that chance to say "that's my girl",
and as soon as he said that he was against a tree with a branch through his stomach and I sneered and said
"I never have and never will be you "girl"
E chose this time to walk away because as soon as I did that Niks lips where on mine.

Best thing about being a vampire with another vampire is that you can get anywhere fast, so we got to the bed in the Mikaelson house real fast, and from there on, well.... I think you can gather what happened from there on.

The next morning:
OMG did I just do what I think I did
Nik murmured yep
"Fish nuggets can't believe I said that out loud"
"you said that out loud too love"
"I I nneed tto go" I stuttered
"Aria -Nik sat up suddenly- are your emotions really off"

"yes for God sake Niklaus"

"you're lying your nostrils are flaring and you've gone bright pink"

"no I'm NOT"

"OMG this is better we made out and your emotions are on, you naughty naughty girl wait to your brothers hear" 

"you wouldn't dare"

"try me love" 

"what do you want me to do"

"well love I want you to move back in with me and tell your brothers that you're moving with me or I will kill you" 

"fun- I muttered I spoke up and said- well I'm going now"

"to tell your brothers" 

"no no to go home I have soo much homework girl"

"a, I am not a "girl" and b, I will kill you" 

"oh Klauwsy wauwsy you wouldn't kill me" but before he could say yes I will in a childish voice I vamp sped off to a place called New Orleans.

When I was in New Orleans I met up with an old friend Marcel who kindly let me stay with him.

while I called Kat our conversation went a little like this me
"Hey Kat how are you"
I murmured "I may have tricked him once or twice"
"A why, and where are you he says he is going back to New Orleans with Elijah and Rebekah"
"N New Orleans" I replied nervously
"A please say you're in Paris"
"well if I did I would be lying and everyone knows how bad I am, I'm in a place with two words the first one starting with N and the second one starting with O called any guesses no, well the full words are New Orleans"
"A, we are meeting in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower in a day leave RIGHT NOW"
"no buts"
but I continued complaining
"A your brothers will be there in a couple of minutes go to Paris or else they will be mad you will be locked in the cells under the boarding house"

"fine but I never ever liked Paris lets go to hm I know Honolulu that's where Kol is"
"always trying to find your other Bff" she replied distastefully
"always the whiner bye see you tomorrow" I laughed after I replied and hung up after.
Of course, I wasn't going I mean why would I? Kol is here with me and he would protect me and Kat would have called Steffie to tell him I'm going to be at Honolulu soon, so now my brothers won't be coming here. 

I wandered around arm linked with Kol and explored the New Orleans its changed so much since we were last here and it's crazy until I saw him, or should I say them

'Oh crap Kol we are dead'

 he pulled his head up from the blonde chick he was drinking blood from 'What who is it'

'My brothers'

'lets go'

We vamp sped away before they could see us and turned a corner and ran into a giant circle around this poor witch with Marcel who will kill her,
so me being me I step in and yell STOP and it echoed around people couldn't believe that I just stood up to Marcel soon people started yelling kill kill kill kill and I panicked and yelled some witch words and made everyone fly back, it made everyone groan but mister Hybrid came up and snapped the witches neck then came over to me and everything went black

In this I know I kept Kol alive sorry bout that.

Also please please don't kill me for the wait 😁😁😁😁

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