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Dear Diary,

I guess that's how people start these things, I don't know and to be honest, I don't care. I worry, I worry that I am going to forget the way he ruined me, the way he tore my heart out of my chest and crushed it with no care for the way it shattered leaving me to try and salvage the pieces and join them with hot glue and bandaids. I fear if I allow myself the relief of forgetting, I will go back to him... and- and for that to happen- well that's why I am writing this to remind myself of the heartbreak and pain and to forget the late-night stolen kisses and the... NO. I solemnly swear that I, Aria Salvatore daughter of  Lillian and Guiseppe Salvatore and sister to Damon and Stefan Salvatore will never go back to Niklaus Mikaelson. No chance in hell. 

Yours,   Mine, 

Aria Salvatore. 

"Now Aria" Katherine strutted over and ignoring my protests and carelessly tossing my diary away, tearing the fraying cover off, "you are reminding me way too much of a certain  Salvatore brother and that, that simply cannot do"

"Well Katherine, I assumed you quite enjoyed reminding yourself of him unless that little trip back in 1987 to see Bon Jovi was just for... recreational purposes and not to, uh how do I put this delicately... stalk Stefan?" And as I finished my sentence I landed on a heap on the ground, my head hitting against the wooden floor painfully and my arms pinned to my sides, letting out a growl, I head-butted my attacker catching her by surprise and turning us around pressing my forearm to her neck. 

Katherine tapped the ground twice and I got off of her and we settled down on the couch, tossing on an episode of Grey's Anatomy. 

"Aria... How long has it been since you have spoken to your brothers?" Katherine tentatively asked

"well uh probably 1864 when we all had that real fun transition to vampires... BUT that does not matter Kitty Kat- what does matter is Lexie Grey will never get to wear navy blue scrubs and I think that is the real tragedy here" 

At my childish attempt of changing the subject, Katherine fixed a look at me, silently scolding me but respected my wishes which is all I really could ask for. But I guess to truly understand why I haven't spoken to my brothers in over a thousand years we need to go back to 1864. 


I guess it all started as a carriage arrived outside of the old Salvatore estate, where Stefan was standing up straight lecturing me about "proper manners" as I was ever so elegantly draped over the steps praying that papa would not spot me. The maid exited the carriage and then Miss Pierce who made direct eye contact with Stefan and then me, subtly hiding a laugh presumably about my less than lady-like positioning on the stairs. Miss Pierce was brushed down by her maid, while I inconspicuously shoved Stefan "uh Stef, you might want to consider picking your mouth off of the ground", I groaned in pain as I felt a sharp jab to my ribs. But before I could instigate my revenge, he was gone and talking to Miss Pierce.

"You must be Miss Pierce" 

"Please, call me Katherine"

As they flirted with hidden subtext, I went over to Katherine's maid,

"Hello, I am Aria, do you need anything? A drink of water or a hand with the luggage?" At the sound of my voice the maids head snapped up and made eye-contact with me.

"Hi I am Emily Bennett, and I have everything handled. Thank you for your kindness"  as I nodded in response, I felt eyes studying me, making the hair on my neck raise but as I turned around there was no one there. 

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