Sleepover, Bah humbugs and WHAT

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Dear diary,
Today I woke up and sighed while saying bah humbug as in a bit over a month it is Christmas, I have never spent Christmas away from my brothers even when they thought I was dead, I watched them from a distance whispering Merry Christmas to myself (trust me I'm not a creep).
However this year I'm mad at them for not choosing family so I'm spending it with my new two family's on Christmas Eve I'm spending it with
Then on Christmas Day I'm spending it with
and so I had to get 10 presents!!! I also got Stef and Dam some because if they apologize I will forgive them in the 'Christmas spirit' so like I started off with Bah humbug
Oh and I forgot to mention tonight is Caroline and mines sleepover
-Aria Salvatore

I sighed and closed my diary and braced myself for the day ahead of me as it was going to be a long one as I also was hosting Christmas can I say Bah Humbug one more time, moving on, Care is coming tonight and I have no idea on what she wants to talk about (probably the wedding) and if I don't want to talk about it, how to get her mind off it, so my plan for tonight is
-pedi and manicures
-boy talk
And my favourite
-binging TV and Movies
I mean who doesn't like binging??
----------Time Skip to 4:30pm---------
Ding Dong

"Ugh" I sighed "she's half an hour early"

"I heard that" a voice from behind the door says

"You were meant to" I yelled back 

"Uh Ari can you just let me in now"

"Maybe in half an hour but I'm busy now" 

"Yeah doing what" she challenges me, and before I can reply she yells "singing and dancing along to 5SOS and Shawn Mendes does not count"

"Fish nuggets" I whisper lowly, I then say " well I wasn't doing that I was watching Kian and JC" I hear a gasp then a loud bang of with Caroline kicked the door open 

"A)" I said "you owe me a new door and B) what is your problem"

"Did you say Kian and JC as in you tubers Kian and JC" 

"Yes why they are good friends of mine"

"And I'm just finding this out now" she screamed 


"Do you know any other you tubers?"

"Well there is all of O2L, Magcon boys, Zoella, Tyler Oakley" 

"OMFG OMFG" Care said looking like she was having a panic attack 

"Oh" I said nervously "well they are coming to the wedding"

Caroline looked like she was about to pass out and without knowing it I put her on the topic of my wedding, ooh goodie.

"Ok now that wedding has to be perfect" she says excitedly, she then lowers her voice "especially since the husband isn't"

"Oi he may be a royal pain in my ass but I am marrying him" I say,
"Hey you said it not me"

Care put her hands up I suddenly vamp run to the bathroom with Caroline following me, I make it just in time to throw up every bit of blood in my body, I'm in there for 30 minutes with Care holding up my hair, we then go to my bed and she immediately starts grilling me on it 

'What was that A'

'I don't know'

'wait didn't you tell me at our last sleepover that you are part Witch, Werewolf and Vampire'


'witches and werewolves can get pregnant, well female ones can'

'but I haven't had my period'

'I know but what if it had to be triggered by getting involved with someone or casting your first spell, transforming into a wolf how many of those have you done and in order'

'well turning into a wolf, casting a spell getting involved with someone' at this possibility my mind was going at one hundred miles per hour I could be pregnant I do not like those little things that run around and puke and poop everywhere I can't have one inside me.

'I'm going to the shops and getting you a pregnancy test okay you sit here and think about Ric's and Jo's marriage and how Jo is pregnant I will be back in a zip'

Dear Diary,

I'm so afraid if I am really pregnant, I will be a mother me a mother I know, but if I am really pregnant I will be the best mother I know how to be. On another note, Ric and Jo are getting married and Jo's pregnant if I truly am I will go to her for assistance. 

My brothers and I still aren't talking I will need them if I am pregnant, pregnant a person living inside another crazy but the way everyone's bought into this life, even though I might not have my brothers I have my sisters Care and Bekah and the will help me get through this.

Well that's that


Caroline walked through the door just as I put my diary away

I spoke first 'when is Jo and Rics wedding?'

'next week you're a bridesmaid'

'cool, did you get them?'


I take them from her and go pee on them with the door shut I come out with the pregnancy test 3 minutes later with tears in my eyes

Care spoke softly 'are you pregnant?'

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