He did what now?

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Rebekah's POV ( what I believe is the first time)

I lent down to paint my last toenail white, when my phone rang scaring the dead life out of me

"what" I answered without looking at who calling

"Rebekah we need you in New Orleans" my older brother Elijah spoke urgently into the phone

"why, I'm finally happy somewhere" I scowled at nothing in particular

"its your brother; we have a chance to be a family again" he chirped excitedly, had Nik not told him  what happened between Aria and him

"and how's that brother"

"Niklaus impregnated a werewolf named Hayley"


"in your terms Rebekah he got a girl pregnant"


"Rebekah language, this is your brother" he chided me, I hung up immediately at called Katherine and Caroline for a meeting straight away (Katherine came back after the news of  Aria's child and wedding plans)

Knock Knock

I rushed over to the doors revealing Katherine and Caroline I sat them down and repeated everything that my brother just told me, we soon agreed that we had to tell Aria even though it would break her heart.

Arias POV (At the Salvatore house)
Hanna and I pulled up at the Salvatore boarding house when Hanna spoke up

"bye Aria" she handed me my beloved wine

"bye?" i asked her

"you didnt think i was coming did you" she paused while laughing before continuing  "its a Salvatore meeting not a Salvatore and Marin meeting" she sassed me while I pouted at her

"Fine" I roll my eyes at her one more time before walking to the door

"Audios" she yells at me I just flip her the bird, before knocking like I used too when I was younger- not knocking at all...


Damon appears suddenly "ever heard of knocking Ari"

"surprisingly yes, but I choose to ignore it"

"you're a weird child" he sasses at me

"hey... I'm not a child" I say in a duh tone

"so you're admitting it, you are weird" he laughs out

"well I wouldn't call it weird just quirky and" my voice falters "original"

he sees the look in my eyes and changes the topic "thought of any names yet" he points towards my stomach

"well I thought we could think of names tonight, speaking of us where in gods name is Stefan"

"oh don't worry about him you already have your favorite brother right in front of you"

my face lights up "where's Stefan  than?"

he scowled at me "well if that's how its going to be" I patted his back while nodding

he spoke up again "STEFAN COME HERE"

"FINE, FINE I'M COMING" he yelled back

I laughed it never changes between them

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