Mystic Falls brother really

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Uh I woke up suddenly remembering that poor witch that I couldn't save, I tried to and I even revealed my witch side and then snap nothing not even a heartbeat of hers I wiped tears away and stormed out and punched Marcel than Klaus in the face than vamp sped outside only to run into Steffie and Daymo

"ARIA" they yelled 

I put on a fake British accent and said "excuse me who is Aria I am Samantha" (Samantha
Smith is a fake ID for me)

"Aria cut the sandwiches we can see through that" Damon angrily replied

"Aww" I fake pouted "what gave me away"

"A) you sweetie has the worst British accent and B) we bought you those clothes" Stefan replied

"Oh yeah heh" I rubbed my arm while looking to the ground biting my lip

"You missy are coming home with us" they said in union 

Without thinking in ran forwards and snapped Damon's neck then I felt a crack in my neck and blacked out.

(Back in Mystic Falls)
I woke up rubbing my neck muttering under my breath "stupid stupid brothers in a stupid stupid world" I spoke up saying "neck snapping seriously" 

"Sorry sis but it had to be done"

"Oh really and Mystic Falls brother for cereal"


I sighed and left for my room while muttering Mystic Falls God why not California I need to work on my tan 

"Aria your a vampire you can't have a tan" Damon yelled out 

'Pfft I really don't care'

"OMG I like totally love that song" Damon screamed back in a high pitched supposably 'girl' voice

Than we started singing it 

You wanna play you wanna a say you want to have it all, you started messing with my head till I hit a wall, I guess I should've known I guess I should've known 

*skip to end of song*
We finished of the song and did a high five, and screamed at the same time "that is how it's done Steffie" 

Stefan came down with Lena who were laughing their heads off and they laughed out "hahhahawegotthatallonrecord" 

"what" Damon exclaimed 

"sorry, Elena smirked but it's on 1 million hits" 

"What yessss we are famous sandwiches" and I started dancing around 


"Yes Steffy"

"Did you give her money"

"Yeah she wanted a doll"

"Oh no she went to Starbucks and had coffee"

"Wiipppeeee I screamed bye bye brothers"

I sped of to New Orleans after my amazing acting skills

Where I bumped legitimately into Nik who grabbed my arm
"Ari you are in trouble now kiddo"

I fake pout and start fake crying "ow ow my arm you hurting it"

"Sweet cheeks your a vampire I think, you can't be hurt he examined me and started speaking again how is this possible I smell werewolf, vampire and witch"

"You looking at the person who CANT be killed and is stronger than you and CAN kill you not that I would want to" I said while walking dead ahead

"Ohhh what's this a YouTube video with 50 million hits ohhh it's you and Damon"

"Yeah I know I'm fabulous"

he took this chance to snap my neck and take me back to the French Quarter

I woke up furious but knowing that my feelings for Nik had never faded- maybe one last lay would get it out of my system once and for all. 

'Nik Nik'
he rushed in "whats wrong Ari"

I jumped up and hugged him wrapping my legs around him and kissed his cheek whispering " I missed you love " in my fake British accent

"Me to Ari" he said stifling a laugh at my accent.


Around 2 months later 

"Can I stay here forever Niky Wiky" I was wrapped in his arms, so in case you didn't already guess my one last lay only brought more feelings back and did not work the way I wanted it too.

"we have to go back soon" he responded with a laugh, while I rolled my eyes

He then got down on his knee and re-proposed to me and of course I said yes and we planned that we were going to Mystic Falls and we were getting married again, we saved the date and it was in April seven months away and I was asking Bekah to be my maid of honour, Care to be the wedding planner and bridesmaid, Lena to be a bridesmaid and Kat to be a bridesmaid as well. However back to tonight, we were throwing a ball that everyone was invited to but no one knows who hosting it we are also telling everyone the news.
(3rd person view)
(At the Salvatore boarding house)
"So Stefan you going to the dance tonight"

"Damon you here to tease me bout how you got the girl and I didn't "

"No I'm not that cruel"

"Then to your earlier question probably, what about you brother" Stefan said mockingly 

"Nah probably not"

"DAMON" Elena yells while entering the room 

"Oh hey Stefan you look good" she compliments 

"Yeah whatever" Stefan brushed off the compliment

"Soooo" Elena trailed off "you guys going to the ball"

"Yeah" Damon instantly 

Stefan turned to his brother "you said you weren't before like 10 seconds ago what changed"

"My mind Stefan" Damon sighed then groaned 

"In ten seconds see there is this thing called staying strong to your word and not changing for a girl" 

"Hey" Elena spoke up "is now a bad time"

"Yes" Stefan said and at the same time Damon said "no"

Elena backed away saying "see you tonight Damon"

"By Elena" the said together 

"So brother see you tonight" Damon said

"Yes bye" Stefan replied

(Arias POV same time and place)

"So brothers" I said making myself known "Elena, oh Steffie Steffie Steffie do you want a doppelgänger death or a doppelgänger de alive, and Daymo Daymo Daymo should I have a girlfriend stealing grape or a girlfriend stealing de alive"

They replied quickly yelling "no no no no"

"Oh" I place a hand on my heart faking being hurt "no oh Aria I love you no thank you Aria for your generous offer"

As soon as I said that we had a ssh (sibling Savatore hug)

"So" I broke the tension "going to the ball tonight" 

"Yes" they replied almost instantly
"Good" I smirked and walked out and when I reached the door I yelled "Tata Brothers have fun fighting over your one true love mwah" and exited and went to Nik leaving my brothers star struck, probably because I am a star.

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