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I sat there listening to all my sad love songs (thanks again Taylor Swift) when I decide to start getting dressed putting my make up red lips, cat eye, mascara and curled my hair just as I was going to get changed I decided I didn't want blonde hair anymore, he used to love it curl, play with it and now I cant stand the site of it so I did what any sane broken hearted girl would do I got rid of it....  WAIT no I changed the colour, I didn't cut it short or anything drastic like that I just changed the colour (AN picture below)

  WAIT no I changed the colour, I didn't cut it short or anything drastic like that I just changed the colour (AN picture below)

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I walk down stairs in a crop top with emoji's all over it and a high waisted black skirt I walk down and then I hear it

"ARIA SALVATORE WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING IN THAT" I roll my eyes and turn my head and ladies and gentlemen Damon Salvatore has entered the building

"um I'm going out"

Stefan reenters the room and hooks arms with me and says "let us go" then

"I think you mean let it go or you wont have no arm left" Stefan lets go of my arm as quick as he held onto it while my infuriating older brother  decides to belt out let it go, I start to leave while Stefan is looking at Damon like he is a ghost who just said everybody go bananas and started doing the O2L dance.

I get to the door and open it and slink out to my new black Ferrari I get in and drive to a bar in a place called Rosewood (I know that they are probs no where near each other but I wanted another x  over XX) I drive for half an hour til I get there

I finally arrive and i walk around the town and end up going to the Rosewood grille where I run into old friend of mine
"Aria!!" the three girls yell out while one of the yelled out

"name twinsie" I run up to them and hug them while shouting

"HANZ (pronounced haans), Name TWINSIE, SPENCE, EM I've missed you all so much"

we stay like that til we part and sit down and that's when the start telling me what happened (if watching PLL slight spoilers but will not use names XX)

Aria starts

"so you remember that friend that was missing and presumed dead she was running from someone 'A' and once she left 'A' turned onto us, and started pulling out all our hidden secrets, following and stalking us then threatening us, it made us drop most things until one incident where we all ended up in jail and were getting shipped away from Rosewood when 'A' crashes our bus and knocks us out" she turns to Hanna who continues

"when we got there we saw the original 'A' who ended up helping us but who got 'killed' by 'A' but she had a mask on and blonde hair and was being forced to act like our presumed dead but alive friend, we then had to set up our 'prom' but we escaped only to be surrounded by electric wire after that its a blur, so what have you been up to Ari?"

"well last time I saw you I was looking for my brothers and had a broken heart from a boy,

who I was running from, well I found my brothers in a town called Mystic Falls the place I was born in and decided to start living there with my brothers I got engaged found to be pregnant that un-engaged as the man thought I'd been cheating on him, then I came here"

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