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'Aria' Care says 'are you, you know pregnant'

my eyes start watering and this is me I haven't cried over anything but Nik or my brothers well I guess this is about Nik I look down at the pregnancy test to see whether its true just check to again to see the answer

'Care I I a am' I stutter nervously 'pregnant'

she looks at me with tears in her eyes and soon we are both bawling our eyes out on my bed the only things going through my mind was how am I going to tell Nik how will he react, how did my life get so confusing.

Care spoke up 'so how are you and when are you telling the father'

I replied shakily 'as soon as possible I mean I would hate to tell him in a week and having him say that I lied to him'

'do you want me there for when you tell'

'yes but wait and  listen in from the bathroom you know  how he hates the Scooby gang'

'ok call him now' she agreed

¬on the phone bold-Aria normal-Nik if there is a , it is them thinking¬

Hi Nik, I tried to speak confidently into the phone

Aria darling why are you calling

uh so here's the thing I need you to come over right now, by now my hand was shaking

Ari I'm really bu-

I cut him off you need to come here now

ok fine love see you soon

he then hung up

¬Phone call over¬

and I heard a knock on the door my leg is shaking massively now and I yell out

'I'm in the kitchen'

he strolled in and started talking 'I don't understand why you insist on living here I mean Rebekah would love having you in the house and so would I'

'Nik I called you over to tell you something' I pause 'Niklaus' I see him straighten up as I barley ever call him by his full name 'remember how I'm part witch, werewolf and vampire '

'yes love' he seemed to be getting nervous now as I fidget with the pregnancy test in my pocket

'well female witches and werewolves can get pregnant'

'I know that, am I just here to be educated'

'no' he was getting on my nerves hormones and everything so me being me i blurted it out 'Nik I'm pregnant with your child'

'No your not' he screamed 'I knew you were mad at me for breaking you heart but doing this'

I have tears in my eyes and I pull out the test and he smack it out of my hand and yells

'you cant prove this child is mine and you obviously don't love me so the weddings off!'

by now I was up against the wall with his hands wrapped around my neck with my tears pouring out of my eyes

someone pulled Nik off me and i collapse to the ground Caroline yells

'that's not anyway to treat a pregnant lady no matter what you think she has done to you she hasn't now get out' she screams

she comes down and comforts me as I cry

Nik's POV
I go home and Rebekah is there waiting for me
'Hey is Ari all right'
I just shove her to the side I storm up to my room hearing Rebekah mutter excuse you once I'm in my art room I smash everything in sight I hear Rebekah leave I lay down emotionless

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