A wedding to be remembered

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Arias POV

So today's the day. Today Alaric and Jo get married, Jo has been such a massive help since finding out that I am pregnant helping me out with the cravings and the aches that come with it.
I don't know where I am going to go from here... whether I will allow Niklaus back into my life for our child, or whether I follow the saying he has made his bed it's time for him to sleep in it...

I am so grateful for everyone around me though. My brothers have been there since day one (kinda), Rebekah and Kol who continuously stand by me even after clear divisions have been made between me and their brothers, I found a shocking friend in Elena who stood up for me when my brothers wouldn't, Caroline who is strong for me- even after her mother passed and Matt who even though didn't support my decision of going back to Niklaus, and didn't talk to me while we were together has since (after the breakup/WW3) been there holding my hair back after every experience with morning sickness.

"Crap, they're not here" the sudden talk from Jo snapped me out of my deep thoughts and i looked towards Elena to see if she knew what was going on.

Exchanging a nervous look Elena pipes up "What's wrong?"
"My shoes! My gorgeous, ridiculously expensive, wear-them-once-and-then-never-again shoes. They are missing"

Bonnie, Elena and I all exchange knowing looks.
"Do you want me to do a locator spell?" Bonnie offers
"On my shoes?"
"Is that possible?"
"I don't know, actually. Just hang on, I got to
figure out how to work this stupid thing."
I start laughing watching Bonnie trying to work out the garment steamer before pulling the hose out.

"Oh, good, break it! Because my wrinkled dress will surely distract everyone from my bare feet" Jo exclaimed with a lot of stress which stopped my laughter real fast. Elena being the hero she is stepped in trying to calm Jo down
"Hey, hey. Come on. Don't waste all your panic now! You still have eight hours until the ceremony. (She offers her a glass) Non-alcoholic mimosa?"

"One, a non-alcoholic mimosa is just an orange juice. And two, I can't drink. Somebody should drink. You should drink."

Deciding that it was my time to pipe up while grabbing an alcoholic mimosa "I'll drink, surely my vamp blood would protect lil bubs in my tums right?" About to take a sip Elena snatches the drink out of my hand -
-"None of us need to drink alcohol, I will eventually today But, I have human tolerance now, which is cheaper but a lot less fun. So we all- Sending a pointed look towards me- can drink non-alcoholic mimosas, Cheers."
I Rolled my eyes, and sipped on my non-alcoholic mimosa when Jo's phone rang, Elena lunging for it.

"Oh, huh. Okay"

"That's not an "okay" okay. That's a "there's a problem" okay." I stood up and put an arm around Jo

"It will be fine, if there is a problem we can work it out"

"Yeah, we'll call you back. Bye" turning to face is once more she states awkwardly
"Danielle's got the flu."

"Huh. It sounded like you just said, "Danielle has the flu," which is impossible, because Danielle is my wedding coordinator."


"Well, how sick is she? Can she still work?"I voice for Jo who seems stunned by the idea

"...It depends on how much vomit you want to have at the wedding."
Jo pulls out of my embrace and starts pacing while Elena and I try and calm her down. When we hear a new voice enter the room

"To be honest, I think maybe this is a good thing! Because no matter how good Danielle was, I am pretty sure I'm better."

Elena runs over to Caroline and hugs her
"Caroline, I missed you!"

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